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Industry | Legal

George West is an attorney who has been helping victims of auto fraud for over 20 years. When the time came for Attorney West to leave his physical office space, he decided that getting a virtual office with live receptionist services was a practical choice. Having a virtual office closer to home suited George much better than paying for physical space that he rarely utilized, and having a live receptionist answering his calls allowed him to make better use of his time. George now has a virtual office solution where he conducts client meetings on a whim whenever he decides to with facilities and services that are not only phenomenal but at a much lesser rate.

George O West III

Consumer Attorneys Against Auto Fraud

Industry | Finance

Anthony Bolden is a financial planner who helps with IRS, market risk, 401K, tax saving strategies, retirement planning, and so much more. Anthony came to Allied Offices looking for the flexibility and freedom of not being tied down to an office. With an Allied Offices Virtual Office, he was able to receive access to conference rooms whenever he needed them to meet with his clients, a mailbox and mailing address for his personal use with 24/7 access to his mail, and live receptionists that would answer his calls as well as greet his clients directly.

Anthony Bolden

Bolden and Associates