Live Receptionist Services

Make Sure Your Calls are
Always Answered!

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Customized Account

Tells us exactly how you want your company’s calls to be handled and let our receptionists take it from there.

Customized Intake Forms and FAQ’s

Our receptionists can gather custom information from each of your callers, or obtain information based on your specific instructions.

Announcement & Call Transfer

Hate wasting time on sales calls? Our receptionists can screen and announce your calls each time to make sure that you never take a call you don’t want.

U.S. Based Bilingual Receptionists

We provide great customer service to your English and Spanish-Speaking callers.

Route Calls to a Live Receptionist

Our trained receptionist team can answer and screen your calls, obtain or provide information, and create an amazing experience for your callers while you focus on what’s most important.

Setup Multi-Level Voicemails

Whether you need your trained receptionists to screen high-priority calls, book appointments or place orders over the phone, with your guidance, your receptionist team alleviates the work on your end.