Purchasing a vehicle whether it be the first time or your tenth time can be both exciting and nerve racking. The decision in choosing which type of vehicle and of course the financing aspects can be an excruciating one. Next to their home, for the vast majority of consumers, purchasing a vehicle is the second most expensive purchase they will make in their life time, and they will do it multiple times. Imagine going through all that to bring home your vehicle and come to the realization you’ve been a victim of auto fraud. Being deceived by a dealership can be very devastating.

Consumer Attorneys Against Auto Fraud can bring you relief in representing you in your case.

Saving Time and Money

Attorney West contacted Allied Offices in Las Vegas to assist him in his line of business by handling his calls, most of which are attributable to his website. As his first line of communication with his clients, he needed specific requirements on how his calls were handled by the live receptionists. He also needed a virtual office solution instead of a traditional office as in the past he experienced firsthand that he was never there to utilize the space.

Screening Calls

When the time came for Attorney West to leave his physical office space, he decided that getting a virtual office with a virtual receptionist was a practical choice. Answering every call he received was not feasible on his time and having a live receptionist was his solution. One of his key requirements on how to handle his calls was how our receptionists would handle each call. Any messages left on his voice mail is emailed to him in a wav file for him to listen to. By doing this it assists Attorney West in being able to reach his potential new clients more efficiently.

Technology and Virtual Options

The voice mail to email feature is “golden” for Attorney West. Having the ability to just click on the wav file within his email to listen to his voice mail alleviated the process of him dialing into the voice mail system and having to enter in his password and going through the prompts. This not only saves him time but he’s also able to save these wav files straight to his hard drive. Having a virtual office closer to home also suited him very well. As in the past when paying for a traditional office space that he rarely used, he now has a virtual office solution where he conducts client meetings on a whim whenever he decides to with facilities and services that are not only phenomenal but at a much lesser rate.