All businesses, whether it be a small start-up, home-based, or large corporation are subject to the same laws and regulations from the day doors are open for business. This is also true for businesses that are launching in the hospitality industry which includes additional laws and licenses.

The attorneys at CMK Law provides counsel services in the formation, operation, and litigation for business clients. They give businesses in-house counsel services without employing a full-time attorney.

Personalized After Hours Voicemail and Notification

The attorneys at CMK Law needed a way for their clients to reach them during off hours. With the technology used through Allied Offices, clients can call the phone number for CMK Law and the voice mail system directs the caller to the company’s after hours Tbox which gives them the option to leave a voice mail for whichever attorney they’d like to leave a message for. This technology assists CMK Law by allowing their clients to privately leave important messages for their personal attorney.

Along with this, all their voicemails are instantly emailed to them with a wav file to listen to. This gives the attorneys a heads up that their client is requiring their assistance, giving them the opportunity to respond immediately.

Reaching Attorneys on the Go & Explaining Unavailability

With the technology Allied Offices offers, the attorneys at CMK law are able to conduct business as usual, which is not limited to just their desk. Like many legal representatives, they are also out meeting with clients for consultations, depositions, and of course at court. Call transferring is imperative for reaching attorneys on the go. Allied Offices is able to seamlessly transfer clients to the attorney’s cell phone or other devices.

Allied Offices also allows CMK Law to tailor their instructions on how to explain their unavailability to their callers when the attorney is not reached. Being able to speak with any of the exceptional, friendly receptionists puts callers at ease when they reach someone live even if it’s to only take a message. The personal staff of 5 exclusive receptionists takes and delivers completely accurate messages for the attorneys as they understand the importance of being clear and thorough.