February 26, 2015 | 3 minutes

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

By Nathan Strum

By looking around your office, do you really need to just get your office space or workspace in tip-top shape again? Don’t worry, you are not alone. The winter passed and we all springcleanhibernated in our office and collected endless amount of items. Not only does the average desk hold up to 10 million bacteria, but coworkers, staff and others are quick to judge someone else’s workspace. With spring less than a month away, why not feel confident, clean and collected about your workspace. So now that you are mentally prepared for the event that spring cleaning is, here is how to make this event successful.


Out with the Old

This is the most ruthless stage. Many of us, by our vary nature, like to stockpile documents, items and files. In the back of our mind, there is this small voice that tells us one day we will need it. If this has you worried, scan important documents and save them onto your computer then proceed to shredding and recycling the hardcopy. On the other hand, if you are being honest with yourself and you know you will not need those useless items on your desk, gather the courage and dump it.


Separate your Supplies

What items are worthy of being on your desk? Supplies that you use on the regular are desk valuable. Items such as your planner, computer, Post-It Notes, pens and things of this sort should be at arms length. Then paper clips, tape and envelopes should be stored away but still accessible.


Start Recycling

If this is an act your company has not yet applied, try to transition it in during spring cleaning. If you do encourage recycling, this would be the point to assess the effectiveness of your system. Evaluate the effectiveness of the bin locations, if there is a demand for more, etc.


Your Computer

Surprisingly, this is often the most over looked step. We think of spring cleaning as a materialistic task, but the virtual and digital worlds are just as important. Let’s face it. You know you have a problem just by the fact that you cannot see your family photo, company logo or whatever your preferred desktop background is. Let me take a guess at what your screen may look like. There are documents, pictures, spreadsheets, folders; all plastered over your desktop which makes it impossible to find what you are looking for. Organize your items into folders and weed out the unnecessary digital junk. Filter your bookmarks tab, organize your emails, and help your computer run faster.


Turn to a Professional

Sometimes, our best efforts are just not enough and this is where you turn over your spring cleaning duties to a professional. Professional organizers work with difficult office setups and provide you with a plan of action. This is a more costly investment, but sometimes you simply do not have the time or ability to do this yourself. The National Association of Professional Organizers can guide you in the right direction.


Now that your garbage can is on your left hand side, your recycling bin is on the right hand side, and you have accepted the challenge, get a head start on your spring organizing.

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