February 8, 2012 | 2 minutes

Why a Virtual Receptionist is Better than None at All

live receptionistFor small and micro-businesses, having someone dedicated to answering the phone and receiving customers is a bit of a luxury. You need every able bodied person to be doing everything from serving customers to managing inventory, from creating marketing materials to doing the accounting. Sometimes, you and your employees are just too busy to answer the phone!

This is where a live receptionist can come in. A live receptionist isn’t another employee, but someone with a virtual office or virtual receptionist firm who acts as the professional representation of your business. A live receptionist will be able to screen calls, forward them when appropriate, and take messages if necessary. Having a virtual receptionist will allow you and your employees to focus on the core of the business without having to miss a sales or customer call.

Of course, this live receptionist will be trained in the specifics of your business. If you need the virtual receptionist to schedule appointments or to take orders, that can be done. If you happen to need more than one live receptionist to handle customer service calls or phone orders, that’s available as well. Essentially, a virtual receptionist can help a small or micro-business to grow by answering more calls, taking more orders, and opening up more time for you and your employees to do other things. This means more money for the business, plain and simple.

virtual receptionistHaving a virtual receptionist is much better than having none at all, or even one of those automated answering systems that are always difficult for customers to work through. It’s a real live person answering the phone, able to meet any needs of the caller, without taking time away from whatever you need to be doing. It’s a consistent, professional impression that seamlessly connects with your business, without having to pay the costs of another employee at your company. A live receptionist is a must have for any small or micro-business, especially if alternative is no receptionist at all.

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