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Why a Professional Business Address is a Good Idea

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When starting a business or becoming a business owner, one of the last things you’re thinking about is professional mailing address. After all, money is tight, and if you don’t have to pay for an address or an office, why should you? Fortunately, getting a professional business address is not only inexpensive but it’s better for you and your business in the long run. Here’s why such an address is a good idea:

Getting Found on Search Engines

It’s tough to find a P.O. box on Google Maps or Google Local, and you certainly don’t want anyone using those tools to find your home address. A mailing address is a must for just about any company that wants to be taken seriously and considered legitimate. It is especially important if you plan or have clients coming to your business on a regular business. Having one makes it easier for your to build your online presence, and be found online. Search engines don’t count the P.O. box as a physical address.

It’s Necessary for Licensing

Depending on your state or city laws, you may need licensing in order to run your business. To acquire and to renew these licenses, you need a physical address. A P.O. box won’t count, and depending on your state or city laws, a residential address may not count ezither. Even if you plan to be a home-based business, and have your home setup to be legal to run the business, a physical business address may be the only thing that counts.

Access to Additional Business Services if Necessary

When starting out, or worrying about the core business, it’s sometimes hard to foresee future needs or even to prepare for current needs. One of the nice things about getting a business address, especially with a virtual office company, is that additional business services are provided at no additional cost, or on an as-needed basis. These services can include conference rooms, mail reception and forwarding, printing, faxing, copying, and even a live receptionist. It’s certainly a lot better than having to take care of all that itself, and it’s nice to know that those services are there as you grow.

P.O. Boxes Don’t Allow for Packages

Okay, you might not get a whole lot of packages. But, what if you make a business purchase online? Or, what if a customer wants to return something? Or, better yet, send you a small holiday gift? If any of those things happen, you can’t have them sent to your P.O. box. Meaning, you’ll have to divulge your home address, even though that was the point of the P.O. box in the first place. Knowing that a professional business address can handle packages, and will still prevent you from having to share your home address to people you’ve never met, is a good thing.

It Simply Looks Better

Admit it, saying that your company is located in “Suite 800”, or on the “10th Floor” sounds fantastic. It sounds real, successful, serious, accomplishing; all attributes that you and others want to associate with your business. That doesn’t happen with your P.O box, or if you have to say an apartment number or a mailbox number. It really only happens with a professional business address. And, appearances count when it comes to building your brand and your business. Don’t take a chance with a P.O box, or using your home address, as both make you look small-time. Move up with a professional business address.

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