April 18, 2012 | 3 minutes

What to Look for in Executive Office Suites in Atlanta

executive office suites in AtlantaWe’ve previously discussed how to get the most out of an executive office suite or a virtual office¬†space, but before you get the most out of one, you need to find one first. In Atlanta, what should you look for in your executive office suite? What sets one apart from the others? Here are a few factors that can help:

What’s Surrounding the Executive Office Suite?

This is more than considering the location of the executive office suite in Atlanta, but looking at what’s on the same block or across the street. This includes the other businesses in the building, the restaurants within walking distance, or important landmarks (such as the courts or a conference center). An executive office suite in Atlanta ought to be convenient for a professional in its services as well as in its surroundings.

Is There Lodging Nearby?

If you or your business meets with a lot of out of town clients, or if you have an executive suite in Atlanta because you come to Atlanta office, then looking for nearby lodging would be helpful. You would want lodging that’s close enough for your or your clients to get to quickly and easily. Lodging doesn’t have to be something fancy, as Doubletree Hotels and Garden Inns work just fine.

How’s the Parking?

Parking is crucial if you plan to drive to your executive office suite. Some may be able to provide it for free. Others may only have street parking. Some may have nearby parking in a garage or lot for a monthly fee. Parking costs need to be considered as a business expense, so don’t take them lightly when looking for your executive office suite in Atlanta.

Are there virtual receptionists available?

Virtual receptionists and live phone answering is a great for solopreneurs, or professionals that travel often. It can be hard to keep track of communications if your business is just your, or if you travel often and could be in a variety of time zones and places. A virtual receptionist would be a dedicated person, provided by the executive office suite, who could handle all those communications for you. You then wouldn’t have to hire anyone to handle it for you, you wouldn’t have to give away your cell phone number, and you wouldn’t have to take care of those phone calls yourself.

Executive office suites in Atlanta come in many shapes and sizes, and meet the needs of many different people in many different ways. Finding one that meets your needs takes careful consideration. Hopefully, this list helps in pointing out what ought to be carefully considered.

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