May 2, 2012 | 1 minute

Virtual Office Solution News Roundup

virtual office solution
Catch up on the latest virtual office solution news here!

We do a lot to provide quality news and information regarding virtual office solutions, but we can’t capture and discuss everything. To catch up on some of the topics we may have missed, or on virtual office solution news that we think is worthwhile to read, we’ve created a news roundup of articles for your to peruse at your own leisure. Primarily, this news roundup focuses on live receptionists and whether or not a virtual office is the right thing for you.

Using Virtual Offices to Appear Bigger than You Are – Dynamic Business

Are Virtual Desktops Vital to Enabling a Virtual Office – Computer Technology Review

Going Virtual: Technology Not Seen as Substitution for Touch – Ad Age

Sharing Office Space: 6 Things to Worry About – ReadWriteWeb

Working Remotely: Is It Right for You? – Mashable

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