February 22, 2012 | 2 minutes

Virtual Office Services a Big Benefit for Small Businesses

virtual office services
Teleconferencing is one of the many virtual office services that can help reduce costs for small businesses.

One of the biggest operational costs for small or budding business is that of the office space. Rent, office supplies, utilities (maybe), electronic infrastructure, can all add up to be a big hole in the wallet of small business. Yet, it would be very hard for a business to operate without printing, Internet, or a phone system. What’s a small or budding business that’s short on costs to do?

An option that has worked for small businesses and independent professionals is virtual office services. Virtual office services provide all the benefits of a permanent office space without all those big office expenses. With virtual office services, a small business can have a permanent business address, conference and meeting rooms (if necessary), and a virtual receptionist.

On top of all that, imagine the personal benefits of virtual office services: no need for a morning commute (which means less traffic and less money on gas), the chance to work from home more often and maintain a work/life balance, and the opportunity to work flexible hours and to do things you wouldn’t normally have time for. With virtual office services, you could have a home office while having a professional space to hold meetings. With virtual office services, you could work at night if you’re a night owl, or work around the schedule of your kid’s school or babysitter.

Virtual office services are also a good choice if your small business is in any green industries, or is conscious about sustainability. By using virtual office services instead of a traditional office space, you can eliminate over 13,000 pounds of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere during the commute every year. Now, that would be a statistic to brag if you’re a business that’s serious about going green or reducing carbon footprints!

Overall, virtual office services may be a new concept, but they are a great option for small businesses and independent professionals who need to cut their operational costs and keep their budgets small. Virtual office services can provide everything necessary to function and to appear like a big, bustling firm without the hefty price tag.

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