November 21, 2012 | 3 minutes

November Virtual Office News Roundup

virtual office newsAs you prepare to fill up on turkey and other holiday favorites this weekend, we’ll prepare you by filling up with some of our favorite virtual office news articles. This news roundup is meant to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry, as well as provide tidbits on how to manage your virtual office better. Read, and enjoy the extra long weekend!

The New Office is No Office – Forbes – Newsflash: people want to work where they want, and most of the time, that’s not the office. However, not many companies are picking up on what their employees actually want and finding a solution that would be great for both parties. Only 22% of Americans work in an alternative location, such as a coffee shop or a library, versus 40% of Canadians. How much more productive would you be if you actually had options in where you could work?

3 Low-Cost Tools for Better Virtual Meetings – Entrepreneur – If you have a virtual office or are part of a virtual company, then virtual meetings are another aspect of “business as usual.” Virtual meetings are crucial since only so much can get done via email or through an online chat, while there are benefits to seeing folks face-to-face, even if it is just over the Internet. This article offers three great virtual meeting tools that facilitate great communication among your colleagues.

CEO Guide to Virtual Offices – Bloomberg Businessweek – Did not know this existed, but this collection of articles is a must-read for anyone needing to convince a higher up on the virtues of a virtual office, or any executive needing help managing a more mobile or virtual workforce. Two great articles in this guide are the one about getting rid of your office, and one about how to work with a virtual assistant.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Working in a Virtual Office – Noobpreneur – Starting a business is easier than ever because it takes a lot less capital to do so then even 10 years ago, and some of those tools are easily available at home or at a coffee shop. This makes a virtual office that much more viable, because an entrepreneur can add a professional touch or increase its business capacity by getting better Internet connection, printing facilities, a receptionist and other office necessities with a virtual office.

13 Awesome Mobile Apps for the Virtual Office – Grasshopper – Everyone needs apps, and apps that make working in a virtual office easier are the best apps of all. Our particular favorites from this list are Dropbox and Skype, although for password management, we would recommend LastPass. It not only keeps all those passwords in one place, but when creating a new account, it will create a secure password for you and save it to your database.

Does a Blogger Need a Virtual Office? We would argue that a blogger could use a virtual office is the blog was a business in and of itself, or if the blogger offered his/her services for a fee. For those cases, a virtual office is a great place to work from time to time and is a professional setting to meet with clients. It wouldn’t be worthwhile for a hobby blogger who isn’t necessarily in the business of blogging.

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