October 9, 2020 | 3 minutes

4 Must-Have Apps for Virtual Office Users

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Either a smartphone or a tablet (or both) are must-haves for any virtual office worker or user. When you’re working from just about anywhere, and from places that don’t provide you your own computer and cell phone, you need technology to do it all for you. To do it all with that technology, you need apps, and there some great apps out there that virtual office workers ought to use to make their lives easier. Here are four must-have apps for virtual office users:

Tote Notes

Don’t you just hate it when you get off a call, and you can’t remember the meeting time or location you just scheduled? Avoid that pain forever with Tote Notes, an Android app that allows you to record a voice message right after a phone call. Once the call ends, the app opens and asks you if you want to record a voice message. Use it to take some quick notes about the call. When you are done, your voice message is sent to your email as an MP3, with the note transcribed and the contact’s info in the subject line.

Similar apps include Voice Memos and Audionote.

Sign Now

With virtual office users, it can be a major hassle to get signatures for important documents. You either have to meet in person to get the signature, or go the long way by scanning the document, emailing it to the person (where they now have to print it and scan it), and then printing out the signed copy when its returned to you. Get rid of all that with Sign Now, an iPhone app which allows you to add your signature to documents using your phone or tablet. Upload your signature to the app and you’re good to go.


You know what else is a major hassle? Presentations! You either have to do them on a laptop, or convert your presentation into a PDF or a video to show it on a tablet or smartphone. It’s not the same, which is why SlideShark is a must have. It’s Microsoft Powerpoint the way it should be on a smartphone or tablet: the way you created the presentation on your laptop or desktop.


One of the new problems with working in a virtual office is keeping track of your time. You are no longer clocking in and out like in a typical office environment, or you might need to keep track of time so you can bill clients accurately. For this, we recommend TimeWerks, an iPhone time-tracking app where you can count your hours and send invoices and estimates. It could also be used to track materials, expenses, and to calculate the sales tax as part of the invoice total.

Other options include Time Tracker, HoursTracker, and Klok. Any stopwatch app may also suffice.

The Typical Office Apps

There are a few apps that don’t require their own paragraph as explanation, as it’s obvious at this point that any working professional should have these apps, whether or not they work in a virtual office. Here’s a short list of those typical office apps that don’t need explaining:

  • Skype
  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs
  • Evernote
  • TripIt

Do you think we missed any must-have apps? Or perhaps should have featured other similar apps in place of the ones we did suggest? Let us know in the comments, and please tell us what some of your favorite virtual office apps are!

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