September 12, 2012 | 4 minutes

Need to Have a Virtual Meeting? Then You Need a Virtual Office!

virtual meeting
Videoconferencing in a virtual office a cost-friendly way to hold a virtual meeting.

With the Internet, is much more possible than ever before to have an international business. This could mean having customers all over the world, or having employees and/or contractors based in several countries. With the stretch of time zones and distances, it’s important to keep in contact and to find a way to communicate. Sometimes, email isn’t always best, as its still subject to those time zones (if you send an email while your colleague is sleeping, they certainly won’t read it until the next morning). However, with the Internet, it’s possible to bridge those gaps with a virtual meeting.

A virtual meeting is essentially a conference call, something that could be done with Skype, Google Hangouts, or a similar service. Sure, email or even a phone call or an online chat could get the job done, but if more people need to be involved in the conversation, those options can make the process tricky. This is where a virtual meeting, and a virtual office, can come in.

Why Virtual Meetings?

Meetings aren’t the funnest part of the job or the workplace, but sometimes they are more efficient in getting a few things done, compared with communicating with everyone individually when they have the time to do so. There’s too much room for information changing from conversation to conversation, or for a misunderstanding to happen. At least with a meeting, questions can be answered at once, and if information changes, everyone would know about it at the same time.

Besides making it easier to communicate with multiple people at once, virtual meetings also save on time and on travel costs. All you would have to pay for is virtual office time, versus coordinating transportation so everyone can meet in one place, or just getting everyone into closer time zones so no one has to meet at 3 a.m. A virtual meeting also allows for the meeting to happen when everyone is available, and not necessarily when everyone is in the right time zone or finally arrives at the meeting location. If someone wanted/needed, they could join the meeting from the airport or from a vehicle, although it may not be ideal. However, the meeting wouldn’t be held up for wait for that person to arrive or to get to an ideal location.

How Virtual Meetings and Virtual Offices Go Together

Let’s face it, videoconferencing technology can be expensive, and not every business has the room or the money to have their own videoconferencing room or equipment. This is where a virtual office could come in. Instead of dealing with the cheaper, although less convenient, ways of handling a virtual meeting or in communicating with multiple people at once, a virtual meeting in a virtual office can make everything easier. Everything is there, and it can only be used and paid for when you actually need it. The virtual office location can also ensure that the meeting is as productive and professional as possible, which is crucial if your business has employees working from home, and/or working from home all over the world.

With the Internet and all kinds of other new technology, virtual meetings are becoming more commonplace and more necessary than ever to conduct businesses. Services such as meeting spaces and virtual offices are arriving to make conducting business over the Internet and across international borders easier. As virtual meetings become an everyday part of business, so will virtual offices. If you are already conducting virtual meetings, or think that a virtual meeting will make it easier to run your business, then consider a virtual office services to facilitate those meetings and those needs.

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