February 11, 2015 | 3 minutes

Trending Applications for Entrepreneurs

By Nathan Strum

Owning a small business requires entrepreneurs to be experts in the multitasking field. Our cell phones are an essential tool for us, and applications are dominating many traditional tasks. Many entrepreneurs rely on apps to help their business grow and function smoother. While there are countless amounts of applications out there, here is a condensed list of savvy applications that can make your life a lot easier.



Taking multiple flights in a day, renting a car, finding out your flight was cancelled, and tripitevents of this sort are nails on a chalkboard. No one finds these situations pleasant. For this reason, Tripit was designed to alleviate you from one more headache. It keeps track of your trip arrangements in a consolidated manner. Moreover, it has special features such as weather updates, directions and maps which will save you time and research.



This is an application that comes from a company whose primary goal is to help business owners and entrepreneurs. The application is designed to sync to bank accounts and credit cards. It is a way to manage your business cash flow. Also, based on previous revenue, it helps predict future cash flows. In addition, it takes care of your accounting, taxes and payroll. According to Forbes, InDinero has completed over 2.5 million truncations and received $1.2 million in seed funding.



Conference calls can be a hassle. Between dial-in and PIN numbers, simply completing a phone call can be anything but simple. Speek is an application designed to conduct a conference call with just one click. For instance, it sends you a link to share with everyone. Once everyone clicks the link the device joins the call making your conference call that much easier.



This is an application that is used across the board. More and more business owners are finding this application extremely helpful when it comes to emails and productivity. Asana was created by the co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz and his business partner Justin Rosenstein. It is a great app to set a goal for yourself or your team and then track the progress. Emails threads are endless, and they aren’t up to par with your busy schedule. For this reason, Asana helps you assign members to particular tasks and also set due dates on items.


Polaris Office

An alternative to Apple’s iWork, Polaris Office helps you access Microsoft Office files from your phone. Not only can you access these files, but you are also able to edit and create documents. This application is accessible through any phone, and is free of charge for Androids.



Clear is a savvy gadget to have at hand. It is made for iOS and Mac devices and is easy to use. This application helps you organize and condense your to-do list. With a simple swipe or pinch, you can easily access information and then sync it to your iPod, iPhone or Mac Desktop. It has received top rating over other to-do applications.


Hours Tracker

This is a great way to keep track of work hours. This application has the potential of wiping time sheets off the map. You simply have to apply an hourly rate for each job and with the click of a button the user can be clocked in or out of work.


Make your life easier by applying one of these recognized applications

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