July 2, 2015 | 3 minutes

Top 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Should Be Networking

By Nathan Strum

When it comes to running your own business, everyt3e7875ehing is important. Every detail, every factor matters. Whether you are focusing on your product, your vision or the branding try to expand your networking skills because although often ignored by entrepreneurs, networking   a component that will keep your company alive. Whether you wish to create alliances, boost up your marketing, sales or etc. it all includes networking. Like I read off of the Strategic Business Network, “It’s not about who you know… but who knows you!”

Here are keys to helping you successfully network:

Attend Industry Events

I got this tip from American Express which is very helpful. They suggest, “Though we live on the Internet now, face-to-face interaction is still powerful. Keep up to date with all the conferences, seminars and events that are happening, and show up at as many of them as you can. Trade shows can also help, but you’ll have to push harder to make connections at them. Whatever event you’re attending, don’t wait for people to approach you. Get out there, be genuine and engage people.”

Quality over Quantity

Hester Lacey advices in her article for Forbes titled, “How Entrepreneurs Can Build and Grow an Effective Network” that it is not about having an incredible number of relationships and alliances, but to know how to make the best out of the ones you do have. She states, “Networking is a balancing act between having a lot of contacts and having closer, deeper relationships within that group. It’s simply not possible to have 3,000 close relationships. Especially in the beginning phases, it takes time to build trust – after that you don’t have to put so much energy in, but it’s about how often you are in contact with people”

The “Hostess Principle”

In Susan Rittscher’s Article, “Six Keys to Successful Networking for Entrepreneurs,” she touches on very creative and useful advice on how exactly to go about networking. This idea in particular I had not thought about before. She states, “You are finally at an event and are armed with your elevator speech and a pocketful of business cards. Your name tag is on the upper right hand side of your suit or dress. Do a quick sweep of the room and see who you want to meet. Now is where the “hostess principle” comes in. Walk up to the person or small group and gracefully stick out your hand to introduce yourself. The key is to act as if you are the convener of the event and it is your job to make everyone comfortable. If you approach it with this mindset, you will be amazed at how comfortable you will become and how comfortable others will be. The same principle holds true for connections made via phone, linked in, email or other ways. A hostess puts others first and generously give to make others feel comfortable.”

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