Why Stamford Virtual Offices and Virtual Receptionists Go Together

Stamford virtual officeMany virtual offices also offer, or even include, virtual receptionist services along with the typical options of mail forwarding, a professional business address, and conference rooms. And, why not? Most other office or workspace arrangements often have a secretary or a receptionist of some sort. Although you might think you don’t need a virtual receptionist, if you are considering a Stamford virtual office, then a live receptionist is complimentary to such a work arrangement. Here’s why Stamford virtual offices and virtual assistants are a great combination:

No One Knows Either if Virtual

The word virtual in “virtual office” might imply that you’re not working when you’re supposed to, or that this office doesn’t even exists, or something that can’t be as good as a home office or a traditional office. This is where a live receptionist can make all the difference. No one would ever think that a live person answering the phone would be a virtual or outsourced solution, something that might not be in the same location as that virtual office. It looks like you’ve hired a new employee, or have someone helping you to get your work done and to run your business. A virtual office helps you, or your company, be more professional and legitimate, and a live receptionist can do the same thing.

Devote More Time to Your Work or Business

Stamford virtual officesA virtual receptionist will enable you to get more out of your virtual office by handling several crucial, but time-consuming, activities. These include scheduling appointments, answer frequently asked questions, and handling telemarketers and other unwanted calls. This leaves you more time to work with customers, to plan your marketing campaigns, to keep the books, and other activities vital to the business. Outsourcing those little things might not seem like a lot of time, and it might not seem like those things even get in the way. But more time toward your business, even if it’s just an extra 30 minutes to an hour a week, can make a huge difference. The great thing about a virtual receptionist is that s/he can be in the business of answering the phone, especially if that’s not the business you’re in.

You Don’t Ever Have to Miss a Call

With a live receptionist, you’ll always have someone there to answer the phone. No more will your cell go off during a meeting, or interrupt you in the middle of a task or big project. No more will calls have to go directly to voice mail, or will have to take a call after you’ve called it a day. A live receptionist can be a 24/7 service, if you want, and that means that there will always be an actual person answering the phone. This way, you don’t have those awkward moments of your cell phone going off, or having to take a call while driving or walking down a busy street. Have the receptionist say you’re not available, take a message, and have it ready for you when you are in a better place (and mindset) to talk.

Not everyone opts for a virtual office for the virtual receptionist services. In fact, you can opt for the virtual receptionist while have a traditional brick-and-mortar of your own. However, these two things can work well together to clean up your business operations and to make things smoother and more efficient. Consider a virtual receptionist with your virtual office. An extra person, in a sense here, can augment your company in so many ways.

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