Virtual Office Locations in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

virtual office locationsVirtual offices and remote working aren’t new trends, even as both get easier with each passing year because of improved technology and a growing acceptance of both trends. However, this doesn’t mean that there are still myths and misconceptions about what it means to work from a virtual office or about the type of person who works remotely. Don’t let these misconceptions stop you if you want to work remotely or utilize a virtual office to better your work and your life! Here’s what you need to know about virtual office locations in Massachusetts, and virtual offices in general:

Virtual Offices aren’t Just for Work-at-Home Moms

In fact, the most common persona of a virtual office worker is a professional male with a college degree. This means that the virtual office community isn’t just comprised of stay-at-home moms who want a little extra cash and a chance to work out of the house once in a while. Primarily, virtual office workers are men and women who are telecommuting with larger companies, who are starting their own business, or who have been working for themselves as freelancers or solopreneurs.

Part of this myth also is that virtual offices are euphemism for cheap childcare, where working parents can earn a salary while finding a shortcut in raising their kids. This is also not the case. Although using a virtual office can improve your parenting and work/life balance, virtual office providers don’t usually offer childcare services and require tenants to arrange that on their own, just like any other employer or office solution.

Virtual Office Workers Aren’t Slackers

Just the opposite is true as 67% of those that work remotely say that doing so is productive. A virtual office can remove a lot of the distractions that take place in a traditional work environment, such as unnecessary meetings, chatty co-workers, nosy bosses, ringing phones, and all the other interruptions that take away your focus and make it harder to get things done. Remote working also allows people to get work done on their own terms. Time isn’t wasted in a commute, and everything isn’t forced to get done between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Night owls can work after the sun has set, while parents can take the time to tend to their kids and get work done after they’ve gone to bed or before they get up in the morning. Virtual office workers can also make room for exercise and healthy eating, which boosts their productivity because good habits make them happier and more able to work.

Our Virtual Office Locations in Massachusetts

We have two virtual office locations in Massachusetts: the Marlborough Office Center in Marlborough and our Kenrick Office Center in North Andover, a suburb of Boston. Our virtual office locations also come with live receptionist services, a business address, package reception, and access to day offices and conference rooms. They’ll work not only for someone with a home-based business, but also with folks who are telecommuting for an employer or choosing to work outside the office a few days a week.

Overall, virtual office services and virtual office locations shouldn’t be viewed as an easy way out. People aren’t using virtual offices to cut corners in being a responsible adult or in earning money without having to get any work done. The complete opposite is what’s true. Virtual offices have helped people earn more money by allowing them to work on their terms. Virtual offices have helped people become more responsible by helping them get more work done or to build their own business.

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How to Balance a Physical and Virtual Office

virtual office spaceMany entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and telecommuters are going to have both a physical and a virtual office solution. The physical office may be the home office or the employer, while the virtual office is used for client meetings, mail forwarding, or when a change of scenery is needed for the work done. Balancing both offices so that both workspaces are productive and are worth the expense is sometimes a challenge. It’s easy to get stuck using one over the other, or to lose touch in how to use each space most effectively. Here’s how to balance having both a physical and a virtual office space:

Dedicate Each Space to Different Tasks

Don’t use both spaces for client meetings, or both spaces of places to focus and get work done. By dedicating one for work, one for meetings, one for mail etc. it’s easier to apply structure and routine to your work. It also ensures that you have less to juggle and to manage then you already have, as you don’t have to coordinate so much in each office space or between the offices. Yes, some people don’t do well with structure and routine in their lives, but the point is that your workspaces shouldn’t be left to the whim of your desires. Waiting until the day of to decide where you want to work, or having tow or more offices doing the same thins is redundant and opens up opportunities for time to be wasted.

Choose One Address

Most likely you’re going to choose your virtual office space as the address you use to identify your business, to give to clients and vendors, and to put on business cards and other marketing materials. A popular reason why people get virtual offices is because they don’t want to give away their home address or use it as a business address. A virtual office address also looks more professional than a home address or a PO box. Anyway, choose one address (preferably the virtual office address) to use. Using both can be confusing to potential customers, and will hurt your branding because it could negatively impact the trust customers and potential clients have with your business.

Don’t Worry About Splitting Your Time Equally

The word “balance” means a state of equilibrium or an equal distribution, However, equal and equilibrium can mean whatever they need to mean to you. It doesn’t have to be a 50/50 distribution, especially since a 50/50 distribution is always equal in every sense of the word. If you’re only using your virtual office solution for mail forwarding or for monthly client meetings, then that’s okay. Part of what makes virtual office services so convenient is that they can be customized to your specific needs. You don’t have to pay for services you don’t need, or utilize your virtual office in a certain way so that you feel you get your money’s worth. If you only need the professional address, for example, then many virtual office providers are willing to do that and won’t charge you the same as someone who also wants mail forwarding or a virtual receptionist.

Choosing a virtual office for your business does not mean you have to give up another physical location, such as your home office or your favorite coffee shop. Many freelancers and sole proprietors don’t want to give up those spaces. With a virtual office, you don’t have to, as a virtual office can compliment your current physical office spaces in ways that make both an asset to your business and you more productive in the work that you do.

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Prep Your El Paso Virtual Office for the Holidays

El Paso virtual officeIf the winter storm doesn’t ruin things, then you might be one of the 43 million Americans traveling this Thanksgiving holiday to spend it with family and friends. Even if you aren’t traveling, you probably don’t intend to work or to spend time in your virtual office and you need to prepare it so that there aren’t any work emergencies or disasters over the weekend. Here’s how to prep your El Paso virtual office for the holidays so that you can enjoy them without worry or interruption.

Get Caught Up with Email

We’re not asking you to reach Inbox Zero, as that’s nearly impossible. We’re also not asking you to unplug for the entire weekend, as that’s a tall order as well. However, you can spend time today, or the time waiting to board the plane, to catch up with email. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to worry about tending to it over the weekend, but since most people are going to be away for the next few days also, you don’t need to worry about responses and getting back to people immediately.

If you’re preparing your email marketing, then it’s best to save the newsletters, the in-depth offers, and the critical thinking content for next week. If you absolutely have to send a marketing email this week, then have it be something shareable and easy to read. Most won’t be checking their email, and those that do are likely to be on the smartphones, so you want to send an email that can easily be read when people are distracted or when they may need a distraction amongst all the other emails in their inbox.

Don’t Forget the Auto Responder!

I actually forgot to do this the last time I was out of town, but make sure you set your auto responder in your email. It helps when clients and/or customers don’t read your previous email about being out-of-town and unable to access email between this date and that date. It also helps if you have any international clients who won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving because it’s not their holiday.

Have a Virtual Receptionist in Place

Even if you don’t have a virtual receptionist for the rest of the year, if you want to devote 100% of your time this weekend to the holiday and to your family, then hiring a virtual receptionist to take any and all calls to your El Paso virtual office is a must-have. A virtual receptionist will ensure that you don’t receive any calls over the weekend (unless it’s an emergency), and this person can take messages for your and have them ready on Monday (or Tuesday). It’s much better than spending 20 minutes listening to voice mails, and you won’t take an phone calls or return any calls over the holiday. It’s also much better than having the phone ring and ring on Friday or on Monday, only to miss out on a sale or another important call.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

At the very least, schedule a “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy Thanksgiv-ukkah” post on Thursday. It’s okay to be festive once in a while, no one is going to hold it against you for talking about something other than company stuff this one time. If you want to be a little more creative or be more engaging, then you can schedule a post or two around pie, turkey, football, or anything else relating to the holiday that also matches your brand.

What else are you doing/have done to prep your virtual office for the weekend? Let us know in the comments! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from Fairfax Virtual Offices

Fairfax virtual officeVirtual offices are an obvious office space solution for startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. But, they are also a viable office space for more established businesses, such as a real estate agency. Customers (and your employees) are more mobile and require more flexibility, and virtual offices can provide that without having to make a ton of changes. Here’s how Fairfax virtual offices, and other virtual offices around the country, can benefit real estate agents:

Increase Your Reach Throughout the City

Most real estate agents don’t work with properties in just one part of town. Properties are spread throughout the city, and having just one office can make it difficult (and costly) to meet clients and to travel across town to check on these properties. With a Fairfax virtual office (or several virtual offices, or a virtual office in the city in which your located), your agency can have one primary address while having other locations that are suitable for meeting clients and are closer to your properties than the main office. Those who can’t meet you at the main office have another option, while you and the agency can save time and money by reducing travel time.

Expand Without Having to Rent a Large Office Space

If your real estate agency is considering opening a second office, or even expanding into another city, then a virtual office is a great way to do that expansion for less. If the second office or the new market doesn’t work out, then you can get out much more easily because you would have invested less into the expansion. With a virtual office expansion, you also don’t have to pay for the rent and utilities of the new location (or you can opt for something smaller), reducing the cost of the expansion while also allowing employees to telecommute.

The Overhead is Ridiculous in the Traditional Solution

If you don’t have a Fairfax virtual office, then your realty is probably spending a bundle on rent and utilities. On top of that, you need to make sure that there’s enough for all your employees and that there’s a meeting space (or several) to meet with clients and to hold company-wide meetings. This means you have to spend money on chairs, cubicle dividers, computers, phones, and other office amenities, as well as replace all those office amenities over time. That’s a lot of work and money that a virtual office will take care if you choose to make the switch. When you do make the switch, that money could go towards training employees, upgrading technology, hiring more employees (and allowing them to work from home), or even marketing the business and its properties. After all, you are in the business of buying and selling properties, not the business of maintaining office spaces.

Keep Employees Happy (and Attract Better Employees)

The agents that work best in a virtual office or telecommuting setting are those that are self-motivated. Self-motivated employees are a great thing to have in your realty, and if virtual offices will attract those kinds of people while keeping your best employees around, then why not make the investment? Your realty is only as good as the agents you have, and it’s critical to invest in them with mobility, trust, and career development. Offering this type of flexibility means that you don’t have to lose productivity because life events get in the way, or because someone is sick. A virtual office allows these people to work when they have the time, or to work from home because they are sick.

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5 CEO Best Practices for Reducing Office Space Costs

open office space with multiple desks, windows and plants

Unless you’re going to purchase a building, then it’s likely that you’re paying rent for a suite or floor in an office building. One of the biggest expenses for a CEO and a growing company is the office space costs, particularly since as a growing company you’ll have to move to bigger spaces and/or worry about rising rental fees. To keep these costs under control, or even reduce them, here are five best practices to employ when controlling and reducing your office space costs:

Virtual Offices as an Option

An increasingly popular office space option, and one that is significantly cheaper than traditional solutions, is the virtual office. This is an especially attractive option if you have employees who want to work from home, who are based in other parts of the country, or if you’re looking to expand your business into a new market on a dime. With a virtual office, you pay for the amenities and the address without having to worry about furnishing the space or covering the technology costs. Depending on the virtual office provider, you can also have more the one person use a virtual office if you plan to have this option for telecommuting employees. On top of that, if the virtual office thing really works out, you might be able to move to smaller space, increasing your savings.

Office Space with Growth in Mind

If you’re confident that your company’s growth is sustainable and not a one-time spurt, then choose an office space with this growth in mind. For example, if you currently have 15 employees, but project that you’ll have 25 in two years, then choose and set up your office space to fit 25 instead of 15. You might have to spend more initially, but for at least two years you don’t have to worry about finding a bigger space (and making the move) and upgrading your technological capabilities. This forward thinking also ensures that your growth doesn’t end up hurting you by draining time and resources away from client work just to accommodate the growth.

Negotiate with Your Realtor

This is one of the simplest, but one of the most overlooked ways to reduce your office space costs. When it comes time to sign, or to renew, your lease, you can talk to your realtor about getting a deal. If your renewing your lease, you can ask a for a free month or two, or even for a reduced rent (which shouldn’t be hard if you’ve been a good tenant). If you’re signing for the first time, try to negotiate the rental price. If you’re serious about the office space at the original cost, then it doesn’t hurt to ask. The realtor isn’t going to throw away your business because you’re just asking a few questions.

Consider an Open Floor Plan

Instead of worrying about every employee having a desk or cubicle, opt for an open floor plan that can seat everyone, but that doesn’t assign seating or space. With an open floor plan, you don’t have to spend as much on furniture and your employees may enjoy not being chained or relegated somewhere. This also means that you can opt for something a little bit smaller for the company, since you now don’t have to ensure that everyone has 25 square feet to themselves, or even that everyone has a place to sit (think of this also as a way to allow employees to work from home or at a nearby coffee shop if they wish). However, this arrangement doesn’t work for everyone, as companies such as Spotify found out. It’s also recommended to provide some private spaces with an open floor plan, since one of the biggest complaints with open floor plan is the inability to have a private conversation.


If your offices are spread out across seven floors in four buildings, then that’s an awful lot of waste and disconnect. It’s not just the office space costs, but also think the time and productivity wasted when employees aren’t working together, or are spending time getting to and from those floors and buildings. You and your company can gain a lot when everyone’s together in one building instead, perhaps on two or three floors instead of seven.

3 Critical Uses for the Colorado Springs Virtual Office

Colorado Springs virtual officesSo, you’ve paid for the Colorado Springs virtual office. It was much cheaper than your other workspace options, and an ideal location for business. Plus, it provided all the infrastructure you were eventually going to need, such as printing, a phone line, and Internet access. Now, you’re not sure what you can do with it, since virtual offices aren’t the same as those other workspace options. It’s not like you can stick 20 employees in one, and it’s not quite the same as your home office or a coffee shop. But, if you need a few ideas to make the investment worthwhile, then here are three uses for your Colorado Springs virtual office that can have a major impact on your business:

Professional Meeting Place

Having a professional place to meet may not seem like a big deal. Especially if you are an independent contractor, a freelancer, or a sole proprietor, you might even think that potential customers would cut you some slack or might understand that you don’t have (or need) a fancy office. However, a lack of a professional meeting place cost Mike Farag, founder of virtual creative agency Fervor, his first big deal.

“They expressed concern with where we met,” Farag said in Missouri Business. “I knew I had an issue with showing how quality our organization was without having a place to call home.”

Even if you are only going to use it once in a while, it’s better to have it and have it not be a deciding factor, than to risk it and have it ruin your chances for landing the deal.

Mail Receiving and Forwarding

Colorado Springs virtual officeEven if you intend to work out of a home office primarily, you really don’t want to be giving away your home address on your invoices or business cards. People can tell a home address from a business address (which is never the best), and besides, that’s not a piece of personal information that you want just anyone being able to find or to have. A virtual office can be used simply for the business address; just for the mail receiving and forwarding. Most virtual offices will forward your mail to your home address at no extra cost, and they’ll be the only ones to know your home address. Or, if you don’t want it forwarded, you can make it a point to drop by every now and then and pick up your mail. If anything, it could be used as an excuse to work somewhere else for a change.

In Case Your Business Grows, You Have Somewhere to Go

If your business does take off, or if it gets to a point where you need to hire someone, then it’s nice to have somewhere besides a home office or a coffee shop to go. The virtual office can be an option when you are interviewing potential candidates, or if you want someplace where everyone can go while giving everyone the option to telecommute or to work from home. By the time your business is growing and others are involved, it’s no longer about you and you’re own preferences. You also need something that belongs to the business, and a virtual office can be something that belongs to the business and that everyone involved can use. It can be tough to keep everything together when everyone is spread out across the country. A virtual office, although not the same as a traditional workspace, can be something that brings everyone in the company together.

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Consider a Spokane Virtual Office for Short Term Use

Spokane virtual officeMost of the time when you are looking for office space, you are typically looking for a long-term location. A permanent headquarters for your company or professional address for your business isn’t hard to come by. However, sometimes you need a place for just a few weeks or months, and those are often harder to find. Most places don’t offer short-term options, or may ask that you still sign the long-term lease even though you don’t need the space for a year or several years. Fortunately, virtual offices are a short-term option that are just getting easier and easier to find. Here’s why Spokane virtual offices, or any virtual office, is a good fit for short term use.

You Can Pay for the Time that You Need

Even though you can set up a long term agreement with a virtual office provider, you can also set up a short term option as well. Many providers allow you to make monthly payments, or even to pay for just a few days or weeks. This flexibility means that you don’t have to pay for time you aren’t going to use and that you don’t have to choose from fixed contracts or time frames. It’s a great benefit to those who need a temporary office space, for those that are in town on business for a short period of time, or even for those who want to test a certain location or the virtual office option.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Space Your Don’t Need

Another problem with traditional office spaces is that it’s very hard to find something small, something that’s big enough for your or your team. If you need a short-term space, then you definitely don’t need a whole floor or several offices. Sometimes, a single office or a table and chairs with fine. With a virtual office, you can pay for the exact time you need and the exact space you need. You don’t have to pay for an entire office. You can just pay to use the conference room or to work in a public area.

All the Amenities are There

Spokane virtual officesVirtual offices aren’t the only short-term option out there, but they are one of the few that has all of the amenities. With a virtual office, you can also get a conference room, a virtual receptionist, mail handling, and printing, faxing, and copying services at no extra cost. You don’t have to pay extra for these amenities and you don’t have to go without in your short-term space. You also still get access to these amenities if you just need an office for a day or if you opt to work in the public area. It beats other short-term options, such as just renting a conference room, or using the business center at hotel, or using a coffee shop.

Overall, short-term options work for many people and situations. It’s great for a legal team who needs to be in town for a case, where it’s unknown how long the case will really last. It’s great for a small company or business that’s transitioning to another location, but has to wait for renovations to finish or for all the furniture to arrive. It’s great if you want to test the idea of telecommuting, or if you want to test a second office or a new location. Although they aren’t as common as the long-term options, there are plenty of short-term options available with a virtual office.

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Stuck in the Coffice? Do Better with a Virtual Office

virtual office
The coffice may have the best coffee, but it doesn't quite have a what a virtual office has.

If you don’t know, the coffice is the coffee shop office, a popular choice for freelancers, independent contractors, and telecommuters. If you don’t know, then you might not need a virtual office. If you are all too familiar with the coffice, then perhaps you do need a virtual office despite your coffice’s great ‘perks.’

Sure, the coffice has great coffee, the wireless may be free (and excellent), and you may always be able to find a spot to work and to plug in your laptop, but the coffice doesn’t have everything. What about a spot to meet with client? Or access to printing, faxing, and copying if you need it? Or having a professional business address for any incoming mail? Or blocking out the noise if you need to take a call or meet a deadline? The virtual office can provide all that for you, and you don’t have to completely give up the coffice if you don’t want to. A virtual office provides all the benefits of a big traditional office without the large overhead, or even the need to be there 40 hours a week.

If you’re only choosing the coffice because it’s close by, or because it seems like what all the other freelancers and telecommuters are doing, or because you didn’t realize that there were other options for you, then a virtual office could be a good solution or alternative for you and your business. Depending on your service, the coffice might not be the best accommodations, even if it is close to home or the server of the best espresso in the city.

Overall, if you’re working in a coffice, consider working in a virtual office instead. Even if you only would need it once or twice a week, or just would like the option in case your favorite coffice is packed, there are virtual office solutions out there to fit your needs and your price range. We certainly don’t want you to avoid your favorite ‘coffices’, but let’s face it, they aren’t always the best places to work.

How to Make a Virtual Office Space Work for Your Business

virtual office spaceChange is tough, especially for a business. Depending on the change, you might have to close business all together for a short period of time, or coordinate a series of events so the fewest things possible are out of order. A change that can disrupt a business this much is a change in address, where physically moving somewhere else can take up a lot of quality time and energy. Even simply switching the address can be a hassle, as you now need to inform everyone about the change.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business that’s making the transition to a virtual office space, then there will many differences between the virtual office and your old setup, whether it’s a home office or a traditional office. Here are things to consider when making a virtual office space work for your business:

  1. Networking and Camaraderie – This is something that could easily be taken for granted in a traditional office, although someone working in a home office may understand how hard it is to find these things. Depending on your virtual office solution, networking and camaraderie may become easier or harder to come by. If it becomes harder, make sure to put in the effort to network and to get to know some of the other tenants in your space or building.
  2. Client Meetings – One of the big benefits of a virtual office space is the ability to meet clients and potential clients in a professional environment, away from noisy coffee shops and crowded restaurants. With a virtual office space, you could have these meetings in you new office or a conference room, making a good impression about you and your business. Take advantage of this from time to time.
  3. Consider a Live Receptionist – Many virtual office spaces offer a live receptionist who can take phone calls on behalf of your business. This person wouldn’t be an employee, but could be trained to handle customer calls, forward calls to your phone, screen for calls, and even take orders and messages. This could be a huge bonus for a business that receives a lot of calls, and could use the help managing them all without taking away from the core business in any way.
  4. Sign Up for Multiple Locations – One of the great things about virtual office companies is that they have locations all over the country, and may be able to work out allowing you to use their virtual office services in other cities. This is great for those who travel a lot for business, and don’t want to be relegated to doing work in the hotel room or the hotel business center. Multiple locations gives you all the amenities you’re used to at your primary location without a whole lot of additional trouble or expense.
  5. Choose Only the Services that You Need – Virtual offices may offer a lot of choice when it comes to the services and amenities offered, so take the time to think about what you need and what your business would like to get out of the virtual office space. This will make it easier to have the virtual office space work for your business and to meet the needs necessary to allow you and your business to grow and to succeed.

Overall, you will get out of your virtual office space what you put into it, so it’s best not to treat the decision as a small one. Even if you don’t plan to visit your office often or if the business is just you, a virtual office space shouldn’t be thought of as something that’s just there. It can be a real business asset, so treat is as such.

Getting the Virtual Office Ready for Vacation

virtual office space
Your virtual office space may be empty, but it won't be to your customers!

June is halfway through, and what would count as the July 4 weekend (Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year) is just around the corner. Even small business owners and entrepreneurs need vacations too. How do you ready your virtual office for your vacation, so that you can enjoy the time off without being bothered with phone calls or losing business because you are closed for a week?

Hopefully, you have live receptionist services available at your virtual office space so that you can have someone take messages while you’re away. A live receptionist will make it seem like your business is open by handling customer calls, orders, questions etc. without bothering you while you are away. This person will also act as a professional voice for your business, so it won’t be obvious that this person isn’t your secretary or an official employee. The live receptionist is someone who can handle these tasks in a timely fashion so they aren’t forgotten about, and potential customers won’t feel like you don’t want their business. If you don’t have a live receptionist full time, most virtual offices will allow you to have one for the week or two weeks that you are away, so you don’t have to have the service when you are back.

Another virtual office service you can opt for is mail forwarding or mail management, so the envelopes don’t clog the mailbox or pile up somewhere while you’re gone. You might not want the mail forwarded to your home, but you could forward them to a coworker or you could have someone keep the mail in a safe place until you return. This way, it won’t look like your office is closed, or that you aren’t organized enough to check the mail every now and then. It’ll also prevent mail getting lost or sent back because it can’t fit in the mailbox.

If you really have to work while on vacation, then what you could do is see if your virtual office company has services in the city to which you are travelling. Many virtual office spaces offer offices by the hour, or you could rent a conference room or a spend time in a lounge area. This option will beat working in the hotel business center, or trying to find a spot at a coffee shop or local library. At least the virtual office will have room for you, be a productive place to work, and have everything you need to get things done.

Overall, it’s important to ready your virtual office for vacation just like you would a traditional office or a home office. Not everyone goes on vacation at the same time, so you need to make sure that everything functions as if you were there, even though you might not be there at all.

What to Look for in Executive Office Suites in Atlanta

executive office suites in AtlantaWe’ve previously discussed how to get the most out of an executive office suite or a virtual office space, but before you get the most out of one, you need to find one first. In Atlanta, what should you look for in your executive office suite? What sets one apart from the others? Here are a few factors that can help:

What’s Surrounding the Executive Office Suite?

This is more than considering the location of the executive office suite in Atlanta, but looking at what’s on the same block or across the street. This includes the other businesses in the building, the restaurants within walking distance, or important landmarks (such as the courts or a conference center). An executive office suite in Atlanta ought to be convenient for a professional in its services as well as in its surroundings.

Is There Lodging Nearby?

If you or your business meets with a lot of out of town clients, or if you have an executive suite in Atlanta because you come to Atlanta office, then looking for nearby lodging would be helpful. You would want lodging that’s close enough for your or your clients to get to quickly and easily. Lodging doesn’t have to be something fancy, as Doubletree Hotels and Garden Inns work just fine.

How’s the Parking?

Parking is crucial if you plan to drive to your executive office suite. Some may be able to provide it for free. Others may only have street parking. Some may have nearby parking in a garage or lot for a monthly fee. Parking costs need to be considered as a business expense, so don’t take them lightly when looking for your executive office suite in Atlanta.

Are there virtual receptionists available?

Virtual receptionists and live phone answering is a great for solopreneurs, or professionals that travel often. It can be hard to keep track of communications if your business is just your, or if you travel often and could be in a variety of time zones and places. A virtual receptionist would be a dedicated person, provided by the executive office suite, who could handle all those communications for you. You then wouldn’t have to hire anyone to handle it for you, you wouldn’t have to give away your cell phone number, and you wouldn’t have to take care of those phone calls yourself.

Executive office suites in Atlanta come in many shapes and sizes, and meet the needs of many different people in many different ways. Finding one that meets your needs takes careful consideration. Hopefully, this list helps in pointing out what ought to be carefully considered.

What Is a Virtual Office Space?

virtual office space
Your virtual office space could be here, even when you're working from home!

Technology changes all the time, and new technology is introduced and upgraded at increasing faster rates. How does a business keep up? How does a business take advantage of this technology, learn what it all is, how to use it, and keep track of normal business duties at the same time?

Office services are one of those business operations that’s changing with technology and because of technology, and one of those ways is in the introduction and incorporation of a virtual office space. But, just what is a virtual office space? How virtual is it?

A virtual office is a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. A virtual office space can be used full-time, which is common for executive office spaces, or it can be used part-time, such as when your meeting clients or need a productive place to work. A virtual office space can also provide a business a professional address and mail forwarding, or a chance to create multiple locations in cities around the country?

But, how could a virtual office space benefit a small business? How could a “virtual office space” offer anything special, since an employee or owner needs to be in the office to work, right? Well, virtual office solutions are specific services designed to provide you with a tangible business identity when you do not maintain a permanent, physical office in a particular location. As mentioned, virtual office solutions can have business mailing address with mail and package forwarding services, but also phone answering and call management, access to meeting facilities, and on-site amenities such as broadband Internet, fax-copier-printer, video conferencing, kitchenette and a business-worthy lobby/waiting area.

In short, a virtual office space provide everything you need to run your business, without the actual office. It’s great if you travel often, and don’t want to work out of hotels and coffees hops. It’s great if you’re trying to cut costs, or you want to give your employees the opportunity to be more flexible and to maintain a work/life balance better. If interested in a virtual office space, then check out our virtual office spaces. We have virtual office spaces all across the country, each of which can provide the virtual office solutions that you specifically need.