Virtual Office Locations in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

virtual office locationsVirtual offices and remote working aren’t new trends, even as both get easier with each passing year because of improved technology and a growing acceptance of both trends. However, this doesn’t mean that there are still myths and misconceptions about what it means to work from a virtual office or about the type of person who works remotely. Don’t let these misconceptions stop you if you want to work remotely or utilize a virtual office to better your work and your life! Here’s what you need to know about virtual office locations in Massachusetts, and virtual offices in general:

Virtual Offices aren’t Just for Work-at-Home Moms

In fact, the most common persona of a virtual office worker is a professional male with a college degree. This means that the virtual office community isn’t just comprised of stay-at-home moms who want a little extra cash and a chance to work out of the house once in a while. Primarily, virtual office workers are men and women who are telecommuting with larger companies, who are starting their own business, or who have been working for themselves as freelancers or solopreneurs.

Part of this myth also is that virtual offices are euphemism for cheap childcare, where working parents can earn a salary while finding a shortcut in raising their kids. This is also not the case. Although using a virtual office can improve your parenting and work/life balance, virtual office providers don’t usually offer childcare services and require tenants to arrange that on their own, just like any other employer or office solution.

Virtual Office Workers Aren’t Slackers

Just the opposite is true as 67% of those that work remotely say that doing so is productive. A virtual office can remove a lot of the distractions that take place in a traditional work environment, such as unnecessary meetings, chatty co-workers, nosy bosses, ringing phones, and all the other interruptions that take away your focus and make it harder to get things done. Remote working also allows people to get work done on their own terms. Time isn’t wasted in a commute, and everything isn’t forced to get done between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Night owls can work after the sun has set, while parents can take the time to tend to their kids and get work done after they’ve gone to bed or before they get up in the morning. Virtual office workers can also make room for exercise and healthy eating, which boosts their productivity because good habits make them happier and more able to work.

Our Virtual Office Locations in Massachusetts

We have two virtual office locations in Massachusetts: the Marlborough Office Center in Marlborough and our Kenrick Office Center in North Andover, a suburb of Boston. Our virtual office locations also come with live receptionist services, a business address, package reception, and access to day offices and conference rooms. They’ll work not only for someone with a home-based business, but also with folks who are telecommuting for an employer or choosing to work outside the office a few days a week.

Overall, virtual office services and virtual office locations shouldn’t be viewed as an easy way out. People aren’t using virtual offices to cut corners in being a responsible adult or in earning money without having to get any work done. The complete opposite is what’s true. Virtual offices have helped people earn more money by allowing them to work on their terms. Virtual offices have helped people become more responsible by helping them get more work done or to build their own business.

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How to Balance a Physical and Virtual Office

virtual office spaceMany entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and telecommuters are going to have both a physical and a virtual office solution. The physical office may be the home office or the employer, while the virtual office is used for client meetings, mail forwarding, or when a change of scenery is needed for the work done. Balancing both offices so that both workspaces are productive and are worth the expense is sometimes a challenge. It’s easy to get stuck using one over the other, or to lose touch in how to use each space most effectively. Here’s how to balance having both a physical and a virtual office space:

Dedicate Each Space to Different Tasks

Don’t use both spaces for client meetings, or both spaces of places to focus and get work done. By dedicating one for work, one for meetings, one for mail etc. it’s easier to apply structure and routine to your work. It also ensures that you have less to juggle and to manage then you already have, as you don’t have to coordinate so much in each office space or between the offices. Yes, some people don’t do well with structure and routine in their lives, but the point is that your workspaces shouldn’t be left to the whim of your desires. Waiting until the day of to decide where you want to work, or having tow or more offices doing the same thins is redundant and opens up opportunities for time to be wasted.

Choose One Address

Most likely you’re going to choose your virtual office space as the address you use to identify your business, to give to clients and vendors, and to put on business cards and other marketing materials. A popular reason why people get virtual offices is because they don’t want to give away their home address or use it as a business address. A virtual office address also looks more professional than a home address or a PO box. Anyway, choose one address (preferably the virtual office address) to use. Using both can be confusing to potential customers, and will hurt your branding because it could negatively impact the trust customers and potential clients have with your business.

Don’t Worry About Splitting Your Time Equally

The word “balance” means a state of equilibrium or an equal distribution, However, equal and equilibrium can mean whatever they need to mean to you. It doesn’t have to be a 50/50 distribution, especially since a 50/50 distribution is always equal in every sense of the word. If you’re only using your virtual office solution for mail forwarding or for monthly client meetings, then that’s okay. Part of what makes virtual office services so convenient is that they can be customized to your specific needs. You don’t have to pay for services you don’t need, or utilize your virtual office in a certain way so that you feel you get your money’s worth. If you only need the professional address, for example, then many virtual office providers are willing to do that and won’t charge you the same as someone who also wants mail forwarding or a virtual receptionist.

Choosing a virtual office for your business does not mean you have to give up another physical location, such as your home office or your favorite coffee shop. Many freelancers and sole proprietors don’t want to give up those spaces. With a virtual office, you don’t have to, as a virtual office can compliment your current physical office spaces in ways that make both an asset to your business and you more productive in the work that you do.

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Consider a Virtual Office for the 2014 Midterm Elections

virtual office solutionsThe unfortunate thing about elections is that there is always only one winner, no matter how hard you work. Those who don’t win the election often have to clean up the headquarters in shame, taking down months of dedication with little to show for it. However, finding a campaign office for your candidate or a local office for your PAC doesn’t have to mean leaving a mess and an eyesore like the St. Louis Tea Party did after the 20120 midterm elections. With a virtual office solution, you can a great campaign headquarters without the big windows for outsiders to notice the shame in losing. Of course, we want you to win in 2014, and encourage you to think about winning instead, but here are more reasons you should consider a virtual office for the 2014 midterm elections:

Get Much More in Your Month-to-Month Lease

If you’re planning on getting involved in the upcoming election, then the earliest you’re probably starting is now, meaning that you don’t need a year-long lease. The next best thing is a month-to-month lease, and some traditional office solutions don’t offer such a lease. If they do, it’s not that secure and it’s probably much more expensive than a month-to-month virtual office option. Money is a huge factor during the election, as you still need to have some operating budget left to pay for the space and for certain staff members. Not only do many virtual offices offer a month-to-month lease without needing any special exceptions or requests, but they often come with much more than your typical office space. Many virtual providers offer printing, faxing & copying services, meeting spaces, remote receptionist services, and day offices. You don’t have to worry about getting the right size for the right price or having to pay extra for other services. All that is included with the virtual office.

Many Virtual Offices Also Come Furnished

Speaking of paying extra, one office necessity that you don’t have to worry about is the furniture. Many virtual office providers outfit their offices with a desk, a chair, and a telephone (many do offer services for a receptionist or a local number, if needed). Although you do still have to bring your own computers, and perhaps dividers and other equipment to do phone banking, a virtual office means less that you have to provide on your own. It also means less to clean up afterward once the election is over. The only downside to this is that some provider may have restrictions on the number of people who can work in one office, but this is an issue that you would have to discuss with each provider. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to reserve a few conference rooms for that amount of time, or convert a conference room for the use of a phone bank since other tenants may need to use it. The provider may be willing to accommodate your needs if they have a suitable space, or may make an exception since you are considering a short-term lease. Government may be one of the last industries to go virtual or high-tech, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start today. A virtual office can be that jump for your candidate or fundraising group to get out of the traditional space and to be more flexible in what you can achieve in the 2014 midterm elections.

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Prep Your El Paso Virtual Office for the Holidays

El Paso virtual officeIf the winter storm doesn’t ruin things, then you might be one of the 43 million Americans traveling this Thanksgiving holiday to spend it with family and friends. Even if you aren’t traveling, you probably don’t intend to work or to spend time in your virtual office and you need to prepare it so that there aren’t any work emergencies or disasters over the weekend. Here’s how to prep your El Paso virtual office for the holidays so that you can enjoy them without worry or interruption.

Get Caught Up with Email

We’re not asking you to reach Inbox Zero, as that’s nearly impossible. We’re also not asking you to unplug for the entire weekend, as that’s a tall order as well. However, you can spend time today, or the time waiting to board the plane, to catch up with email. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to worry about tending to it over the weekend, but since most people are going to be away for the next few days also, you don’t need to worry about responses and getting back to people immediately.

If you’re preparing your email marketing, then it’s best to save the newsletters, the in-depth offers, and the critical thinking content for next week. If you absolutely have to send a marketing email this week, then have it be something shareable and easy to read. Most won’t be checking their email, and those that do are likely to be on the smartphones, so you want to send an email that can easily be read when people are distracted or when they may need a distraction amongst all the other emails in their inbox.

Don’t Forget the Auto Responder!

I actually forgot to do this the last time I was out of town, but make sure you set your auto responder in your email. It helps when clients and/or customers don’t read your previous email about being out-of-town and unable to access email between this date and that date. It also helps if you have any international clients who won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving because it’s not their holiday.

Have a Virtual Receptionist in Place

Even if you don’t have a virtual receptionist for the rest of the year, if you want to devote 100% of your time this weekend to the holiday and to your family, then hiring a virtual receptionist to take any and all calls to your El Paso virtual office is a must-have. A virtual receptionist will ensure that you don’t receive any calls over the weekend (unless it’s an emergency), and this person can take messages for your and have them ready on Monday (or Tuesday). It’s much better than spending 20 minutes listening to voice mails, and you won’t take an phone calls or return any calls over the holiday. It’s also much better than having the phone ring and ring on Friday or on Monday, only to miss out on a sale or another important call.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

At the very least, schedule a “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy Thanksgiv-ukkah” post on Thursday. It’s okay to be festive once in a while, no one is going to hold it against you for talking about something other than company stuff this one time. If you want to be a little more creative or be more engaging, then you can schedule a post or two around pie, turkey, football, or anything else relating to the holiday that also matches your brand.

What else are you doing/have done to prep your virtual office for the weekend? Let us know in the comments! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Market Your Business in a San Diego Virtual Office

San Diego virtual officeA virtual office is a great option for those starting a business, expanding their business, or looking for a way to reduce costs for their business. However, even with all that change, you still need to market your business, you do need to market your business a little bit differently once it’s made the transition to the virtual office. Are you in that position? Are you perhaps thinking about a San Diego virtual office? If so, then here’s how to market your business in a San Diego virtual office:

Be Clear about the Virtual Office Part

As we explained to lawyers interested in a virtual office, it’s critical that when you’re marketing your business, you say that it’s located in a virtual office or a coworking space, or at least use a professional business address. This is simply for transparency purposes, where customers want to be sure that you are a legitimate business and that you aren’t trying to represent yourself as something you’re not. Lately, there have been cases of scammers and illegitimate businesses using virtual offices to make a few quick dollars. Even though that’s not you, you do want to take the time to make potential customer feel comfortable and to let them know that you are different. If a customer doesn’t like that your company is based in a virtual office or something similar, then you probably wouldn’t have wanted them as a customer in the first place.

Use Inbound Marketing Strategies

San Diego virtual officesIt’s actually not all that awesome if you’re in your San Diego virtual office, and you’re using 20th century marketing techniques like print advertising, direct mail, the Yellow Pages, and other outbound marketing tactics to promote your business. Not only are those tactics expensive and not very virtual, but they don’t work as well as they used to. Instead, your virtual office or virtual company should be using inbound marketing techniques, such as business blogging, search engine optimization, long-form content (white papers, case studies, eBooks), social media, and email marketing to promote your business and to attract customers. In later posts, we’ll specifically cover how to use these techniques to market your virtual company. In the meantime, make the switch from outbound to inbound, and a great way to do that is to add some fresh content to your website with business blogging.

Focus on Local

You picked a San Diego virtual office for a reason. Perhaps you wanted a location in San Diego or in California. Maybe you’re thinking about expanding to the west coast and San Diego may be a good choice for this expansion. Or, you could already have a lot of clients in the area, so having a virtual office here is a good fit. Whatever the case, you do want to market your business to the local market. This includes attending networking events and building a physical presence in the area by being in the same place as potential customers. This also includes looking into local publications, websites, and businesses and working with them for cross-promotion or supporting each other in some way. When you have a San Diego virtual office, it doesn’t just have to be an address and a phone number. Become part of the community by letting the local area know who you are and who your company is.

Of course, this isn’t the complete how-to of marketing your San Diego virtual office or your San Diego virtual company. We do hope that these tips help and that you get more out of your transition and your choice.

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How Expensive are San Jose Virtual Offices?

How Expensive are San Jose Virtual Offices?

One of the biggest benefits of San Jose virtual offices is the cost. Virtual offices solutions cost significantly less than traditional office spaces and, in some cities, even in coworking spaces. But, just how much does a San Jose virtual office, or any virtual office, typically cost? How much does a lawyer, entrepreneur, or small business like a doctor’s office actually save with a virtual office or by switching to a San Jose virtual office?

Virtual Office Costs

Generally, a San Jose virtual office can cost anywhere between $100 and $350 per month, depending on the types of services that you want. Of course, it’s cheaper if you only choose to have mail forwarding or to use the virtual office as a professional address. It would cost more if you want the mail forwarding as well as use of the conference room and/or use of a virtual receptionist services. A virtual office would also be more expensive in a more competitive location, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York. However, the the situation is much cheaper than a traditional office with a door, which can cost $400-$700 a month, depending on its size. That price also doesn’t come with a virtual receptionist, and you might not necessarily get a conference room to use.

Other Virtual Office Expenses (and Savings)

Those costs just cover the rent and what’s paid just to have the San Jose virtual office and to be able to use it. It does not include any other expenses or savings that could take place when making the switch. For example, if you are currently commuting an hour each day to a traditional office space, a virtual office can save four hours week if you choose this option and only go there three times a week, spending the other two days at home. An extra four hours can mean a lot for an entrepreneur or a growing small business. A company can also save on utility, Internet, and phone costs with a virtual office, as those expenses are often covered by the company in a normal office space. However, with a virtual office, those costs are covered for you with the monthly virtual office rate while providing an infrastructure that’s as good (if not better) than what you would get if you covered it all yourself.

The Additional Costs of a Virtual Office

With the benefits of cutting costs and even saving money on things you didn’t realize you could with a virtual office, it’s only fair to discuss some of the additional costs you can incur with a virtual office. For example, depending on your virtual office provider and the services that you choose, you might have to pay to use the conference room. Although most places will include that as part of the service, or as part of one service package, you might need to pay to book the room or if you need to use it a certain number of times. Another example is with printing, copying, and faxing costs. Most providers will have the facilities available, but might charge to use it or if you go over some sort of monthly or weekly quota. Naturally, this can be solved by using your own printer and copier in a home office, but this does mean that you would have to handle more of the costs yourself.

So, San Jose virtual offices, and virtual office solutions in general, typically cost only a few hundred dollars a month. Those costs change depending on your needs, your location, and maybe even if you need multiple locations (this also depends on your virtual office company. This information should give you an idea of whether or not virtual offices are a cost-effective solution for you.

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Virtual Offices for Lawyers: What You Need to Know

virtual office for lawyersVirtual offices are an attractive option for anyone starting a business, or working as a solo practitioners, and lawyers are no different. However, the legal industry has a very particular set of rules that must be followed when offering services or practicing, and those rules do have an impact on the viability of virtual office solutions for lawyers. If you are an up-and-coming attorney, or a lawyer with a small practice that could save a lot with a virtual office, here’s what you need to know about virtual office solutions for lawyers:

Don’s Misrepresent Your Practice

Especially if you are just one or two attorneys trying to build a career and/or law firm, it may be tempting to avoid saying that you have a virtual office or that you’re larger than you actually are. Don’t do that, as misrepresenting your legal services online can get you into trouble. For example, if the law firm is just you or just a few people, then be honest about that and be honest of how many offices or locations you have. If you use virtual office solutions in several states, you can get into trouble for saying that your firm is national and has offices in several states. In this case, it’s better to have one location as your office and business address. This rule would also apply to in-state virtual offices. Stick with one, and don’t try to say that you have more offices and branches than you actually have. Virtual offices do not give attorneys the ability to represent themselves and/or their firms as something other than themselves.

Be Aware of the Laws in Your State

In some states, as a practicing attorney, you may not be allowed to have a virtual office or any sort of virtual office solution. This was the case in New Jersey, where the state Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that lawyers practicing in the state can use a New Jersey virtual office as long as they ensure “prompt and reliable communication” with clients, other attorneys and courts, and have identified a place where authorities can inspect their files on short notice. This would also include virtual receptionists and any virtual assistant options that the virtual office solution might offer. According to the New Jersey ruling, a virtual receptionist or assistant does not act on your behalf and is not considered familiar with legal matters. However, the law might be different in other states.

What About Confidentiality?

As stated above, a place to keep files is incredibly important, especially since clients want to work with attorneys who can ensure confidentiality and can ensure that no one will read about their cases. This is difficult to do with a virtual office since most solutions do not offer space to all your own or a place to store documents in a locked file cabinet behind a locked door. However, as long as you have such as place, such as a home office, you should be okay. After all, you still have to meet with clients in person in order to represent them better and to learn about the case, so investing in this for the home is crucial. You could also take this further with a locked briefcase, so that when you are carrying the files with you, there’s additional security to ensure confidentiality.

Lawyers may have to go through a few more hurdles to have a virtual office solution and to have a virtual office that meets their needs and the needs of their clients (without breaking any rules). Knowing these nuances should make it easier and that much more possible to run a virtual law firm.

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3 Virtual Office Solution Benefits You Never Thought Of

virtual office solution benefitsYahoo!’s recent announcement to eliminate the work-from-home option for its employees has stirred quite a buzz. Telecommuting and virtual office solution supporters argue that the tech giant is ignoring some of the most obvious virtual office solution benefits: avoiding the commute, improved productivity, improved morale, lower relocation costs, lower real estate costs etc. However, it seems that Marissa Mayer and others in Yahoo’s upper management needs a little more convincing. Here are three virtual office solution benefits that you, and they, never though of:

Luring and Keeping Top Talent

Virtual offices aren’t just a great perk or a warm, fuzzy workplace policy. It’s something people actually want. Over half of human resource professionals say that workplace flexibility is the most effective way to attract talent, while almost 90 percent of job seekers said that flexibility is incredibly important when looking for and considering open positions.

If virtual offices would help you with your business or job, but your boss isn’t having it, politely suggest that competitors are doing it, or that a company has an open position you are considering that will allow telecommuting. A flexible workplace, enabled by a virtual office solution, can’t be ignored and with the case of Yahoo, eliminated the option will scare away the best while retaining those who only with to put in time and to show up.

Improved Health

Employees won’t be performing at their best if they are not healthy, and unhealthy employees hurt the bottom line, no matter how much potential they have. Virtual office solutions improve health in a variety of ways i.e. it’s easier to incorporate exercise and healthy eating, it’s easier for folks to get the rest that they need, and reduced stress.

Not only have studies shown that those who work from home or in a virtual office have less stress, but that this stress reduction comes from the lack of a commute and the ability to have a work/life balance. A study published last year in the Journal Of Health Economics showed that women’s mental health is affected more than a man’s by a daily work commute. Not to mention, commute times have been found to increase sleep deprivation, to increase your chances of being overweight, and to be detrimental to friend and family time.

Routine Kills Creativity

Going to the same place every day to get things done stifles creativity because is creates a routine. A change of pace and fresh surroundings can make a huge difference, and virtual offices can accommodate that while still allowing people to have other options, such as the home office, or the coffee shop, or even the traditional office. Going to the same place all the time sucks, but changing that place doesn’t make much of a difference.

Even if remote workers will sneak in breaks and fun stuff throughout the day, as a Citrix survey found. But, can we admit and confront the fact that getting eight hours of productivity five days a week is nearly impossible. People need a chance to chill out, whether that’s with a quick nap or even watching an hour of television or part of a movie. Besides, who knows what kind of cool thoughts can come from that down time? Who knows how pumped someone will be to tackle a big problem after he/she hasn’t had to think about it for 45 minutes? Those sorts of things make a difference, and are much easier to do in a virtual office than in the traditional office.

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How a Virtual Office Could Improve Your Parenting

virtual office solution better parentWho doesn’t want to be a better parent and to do what’s best for them? The issue isn’t motivation when it comes to improving your parenting, it’s that work can get in the way of having a healthy and/or fulfilling family life. Too often, parents are forced to choose between family and work. A virtual office can actually help with your work/life balance, allowing you to get what you need to done while being there for your kids in the capacity that you choose. Here’s how a virtual office solution could improve your parenting:

You’re Available for a Sick Child

Every parent wants to be there for his/her sick child, but it’s not that easy just to stay home from work or to take the day off. Eighty-one percent of parents have missed work to take care of a sick child and 58 percent have worried about losing pay or their job because of it. With a virtual office solution, you don’t have to send your child to school and spread the germs, and you don’t have to worry about spreading it at work either. It also allows you to tend to both work and family, especially if you have a spouse that can’t take the time off.

Attend Important Events

Almost half of parents have chosen to miss an important event in their kids’ life because of work, and almost 60% have said that they had to use paid time off or a sick day in order to attend. These important events can range from parent/teacher conferences to science fairs, from soccer games to dance recitals. They’re not just important because parents may be required to attend, or because there are only going to be so many science fairs and dance recitals in life, but because these events are also very important to our kids. A virtual office solution allows you to attend these events without taking the entire day off or without worrying that you are putting your job at risk.

Less Time with the Babysitter

Not saying that babysitter’s are horrible people, or that children hate the babysitter, but most parents would probably like to spend that time with their children instead of having someone else watch them. You never know what wonderful moments you could miss, and kids are only small once. A virtual office can make it easier to spend more time with children, or maybe to get work done from home on the weekends so children don’t have to go elsewhere. Besides, less time with the babysitter or at childcare means less money that parents have to spend. That’s always good news for any growing family.

Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is not guaranteed in the United States, and many women worry that getting pregnant would risk their jobs or their careers. It may be unjust, and something that a virtual office can’t fix entirely, but it’s a start and it’s certainly more flexible than most other workplace options. Childcare is expensive, and no mother wants to be away from a new baby. A virtual office solution at least makes it a little bit easier to work when you can or even work with the baby in the room.

Parenting is one of the toughest things in the world, if not the toughest thing in the world. Why should work get in the way when there are ways to improve your parenting and your work/life balance? A virtual office solution can accomplish both, and help your family beyond putting food on the table and a roof over your head. It’s one of the personal benefits of a virtual office, alongside the flexible commuting and work options.

4 Great Reasons to Rent Conference Rooms

Rent conference rooms like this one for your next client meeting or private work session.Conference rooms seem like such a “big business” amenity, something meant for stuffy board meetings and boring sales presentations. However, a conference room is what you make of it, and if you only perceive it as a room of rigidity and seriousness, you’ll fail to realize how renting a conference room from time to time could be a great business asset.

Renting conference rooms can be an excellent way for smaller businesses, and even startups and solopreneurs, to take care of business in a way that’s much better than doing so in a coffee shop, or at home, or at a library conference room. Here are four great reasons why you should rent conference rooms from a coworking space or a virtual office solution firm:

1. They’re Superb for Client Meetings – Sure, you can get client meetings done in a coffee shop or maybe a smaller office space, but what makes a conference room better is that there is more room and more amenities just in case they are need. If it turns out a whiteboard would be helpful, it’s available. If it happens to be the case that projecting a website or presentation on a screen would make things easier, then that choice is there. If more people come than you expected, there’s room for them. Conference rooms are as flexible as they are perceived to be inflexible.

2. It’s a Nice Place to Work on Short Notice – Drat! The coffee shop doesn’t have empty tables, or all the outlets are taken! So you don’t waste more time finding a place to work, rent a conference room and settle in. No worries about outlets, empty tales, or distractions. Rent the room for the whole day if you want.

3. They’re Perfect for Those Important Meetings – Interviewing someone for your firm? Perhaps meeting with a potentially big client, or a venture capitalist? Then rent the conference room. It’ll make a good impression and provide the formality necessary for these types of meetings. Sometimes, seriousness is a must-have.

4. Great Alternative to a Virtual Office – Perhaps you want to keep up a company policy of everyone working at home, but you still need a place for the entire group to meet face-to-face every week or month. Perhaps you already have a virtual office, but they don’t have a good conference room or meeting area. This is where renting a conference room comes in. Many places rent conference rooms for a small fee, which can be paid for on an hourly or a monthly basis. If all you need is the conference room, then by all means, get the conference room.

Conference rooms may seem stuffy or very “executive-level” that’s just too much for some businesses. However, if you need a conference room, it can be what you make of it. If you need a conference room, rent it and see how it can benefit you and your business.

Virtual Office Solution News Roundup

virtual office solution
Catch up on the latest virtual office solution news here!

We do a lot to provide quality news and information regarding virtual office solutions, but we can’t capture and discuss everything. To catch up on some of the topics we may have missed, or on virtual office solution news that we think is worthwhile to read, we’ve created a news roundup of articles for your to peruse at your own leisure. Primarily, this news roundup focuses on live receptionists and whether or not a virtual office is the right thing for you.

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