Virtual Office Locations in Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

virtual office locationsVirtual offices and remote working aren’t new trends, even as both get easier with each passing year because of improved technology and a growing acceptance of both trends. However, this doesn’t mean that there are still myths and misconceptions about what it means to work from a virtual office or about the type of person who works remotely. Don’t let these misconceptions stop you if you want to work remotely or utilize a virtual office to better your work and your life! Here’s what you need to know about virtual office locations in Massachusetts, and virtual offices in general:

Virtual Offices aren’t Just for Work-at-Home Moms

In fact, the most common persona of a virtual office worker is a professional male with a college degree. This means that the virtual office community isn’t just comprised of stay-at-home moms who want a little extra cash and a chance to work out of the house once in a while. Primarily, virtual office workers are men and women who are telecommuting with larger companies, who are starting their own business, or who have been working for themselves as freelancers or solopreneurs.

Part of this myth also is that virtual offices are euphemism for cheap childcare, where working parents can earn a salary while finding a shortcut in raising their kids. This is also not the case. Although using a virtual office can improve your parenting and work/life balance, virtual office providers don’t usually offer childcare services and require tenants to arrange that on their own, just like any other employer or office solution.

Virtual Office Workers Aren’t Slackers

Just the opposite is true as 67% of those that work remotely say that doing so is productive. A virtual office can remove a lot of the distractions that take place in a traditional work environment, such as unnecessary meetings, chatty co-workers, nosy bosses, ringing phones, and all the other interruptions that take away your focus and make it harder to get things done. Remote working also allows people to get work done on their own terms. Time isn’t wasted in a commute, and everything isn’t forced to get done between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Night owls can work after the sun has set, while parents can take the time to tend to their kids and get work done after they’ve gone to bed or before they get up in the morning. Virtual office workers can also make room for exercise and healthy eating, which boosts their productivity because good habits make them happier and more able to work.

Our Virtual Office Locations in Massachusetts

We have two virtual office locations in Massachusetts: the Marlborough Office Center in Marlborough and our Kenrick Office Center in North Andover, a suburb of Boston. Our virtual office locations also come with live receptionist services, a business address, package reception, and access to day offices and conference rooms. They’ll work not only for someone with a home-based business, but also with folks who are telecommuting for an employer or choosing to work outside the office a few days a week.

Overall, virtual office services and virtual office locations shouldn’t be viewed as an easy way out. People aren’t using virtual offices to cut corners in being a responsible adult or in earning money without having to get any work done. The complete opposite is what’s true. Virtual offices have helped people earn more money by allowing them to work on their terms. Virtual offices have helped people become more responsible by helping them get more work done or to build their own business.

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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit from Fairfax Virtual Offices

Fairfax virtual officeVirtual offices are an obvious office space solution for startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. But, they are also a viable office space for more established businesses, such as a real estate agency. Customers (and your employees) are more mobile and require more flexibility, and virtual offices can provide that without having to make a ton of changes. Here’s how Fairfax virtual offices, and other virtual offices around the country, can benefit real estate agents:

Increase Your Reach Throughout the City

Most real estate agents don’t work with properties in just one part of town. Properties are spread throughout the city, and having just one office can make it difficult (and costly) to meet clients and to travel across town to check on these properties. With a Fairfax virtual office (or several virtual offices, or a virtual office in the city in which your located), your agency can have one primary address while having other locations that are suitable for meeting clients and are closer to your properties than the main office. Those who can’t meet you at the main office have another option, while you and the agency can save time and money by reducing travel time.

Expand Without Having to Rent a Large Office Space

If your real estate agency is considering opening a second office, or even expanding into another city, then a virtual office is a great way to do that expansion for less. If the second office or the new market doesn’t work out, then you can get out much more easily because you would have invested less into the expansion. With a virtual office expansion, you also don’t have to pay for the rent and utilities of the new location (or you can opt for something smaller), reducing the cost of the expansion while also allowing employees to telecommute.

The Overhead is Ridiculous in the Traditional Solution

If you don’t have a Fairfax virtual office, then your realty is probably spending a bundle on rent and utilities. On top of that, you need to make sure that there’s enough for all your employees and that there’s a meeting space (or several) to meet with clients and to hold company-wide meetings. This means you have to spend money on chairs, cubicle dividers, computers, phones, and other office amenities, as well as replace all those office amenities over time. That’s a lot of work and money that a virtual office will take care if you choose to make the switch. When you do make the switch, that money could go towards training employees, upgrading technology, hiring more employees (and allowing them to work from home), or even marketing the business and its properties. After all, you are in the business of buying and selling properties, not the business of maintaining office spaces.

Keep Employees Happy (and Attract Better Employees)

The agents that work best in a virtual office or telecommuting setting are those that are self-motivated. Self-motivated employees are a great thing to have in your realty, and if virtual offices will attract those kinds of people while keeping your best employees around, then why not make the investment? Your realty is only as good as the agents you have, and it’s critical to invest in them with mobility, trust, and career development. Offering this type of flexibility means that you don’t have to lose productivity because life events get in the way, or because someone is sick. A virtual office allows these people to work when they have the time, or to work from home because they are sick.

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Running a Denver Virtual Office from Anywhere

Denver virtual officeOne of the great things about virtual offices is not only are they located anywhere and everywhere in the world, but that they can be run from anywhere and everywhere in the world too. For example, if you have a Denver virtual office, then you don’t actually have to be in Denver to run it or to conduct business. This makes things a little bit trickier, but it’s possible. Here’s how to run your Denver virtual office, or any virtual office, from anywhere in the world:

Call Forwarding is Essential

This is an obvious one, but it’s not possible to run your virtual office from anywhere without it. First of all, it’s best to have a local number with the same area code as your virtual office. It’s easier to conduct business in the area. Then, through the virtual office provider itself, you can have calls set up to redirect to a cell phone or to a program like Skype. Second of all, part of the benefit of working anywhere and everywhere is that no one has to know. It only needs to seem like your in the office at your desk. As long as you’re able to be productive, to provide quality work, and to handle these calls in a timely manner, it shouldn’t make a difference where you’re working.

Online Presence Management is Huge

What makes running your virtual office from anywhere particularly tricky is that you still need to be generating new business, marketing the company, and making sales. This is tough to do if you’re trying to work from all sorts of places, by rely on traditional marketing techniques such as cold calling, print advertising, and direct mail. Instead, you need to use online marketing techniques and have a killer online presence. This means a user-friendly website with resources and blog posts to keep people engaged and coming back. You need to generate leads from your website through long form content like white papers, tip sheets, eBooks, and phone consultations. If you want to run your virtual office from anywhere, then you need a sales and marketing funnel that can be operated from anywhere as well. Online presence management is what it takes to make that happen.

You Need Virtual Workers You Can Trust

Denver virtual officesUnless you have sole proprietorship and you have a business that you can run on your own, then you will probably need some virtual help in some shape or form. Part of running a virtual office from anywhere is the ability to manage and trust your employees and your help. Everyone isn’t going to be in one place where you can keep an eye on everyone or meet in person to get things done. You have to trust that they will be able to meet deadlines and do their work well. You have to be able to communicate your needs effectively and to use tools to keep track of projects and to keep everyone on the same page. This is getting easier as more and more people work this way, but it won’t be possible to run a virtual office remotely if you can’t manage your team remotely.

Overall, having a virtual office doesn’t just mean that your business can expand easily, or be headquartered from anywhere, or that you are given the option to work from home or work when you want. You don’t even have to be in the same city, state, or country as your virtual office. Running it is just a matter of knowing what you need and how everything works.

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How to Choose a Virtual Office Location

home office desk with laptops

When deciding on your virtual office solution, one of the toughest choices you’ll have to make is choosing your virtual office location. It might be an easy choice for those who are picking a local provider, or who want a location in a small town or a suburb where there aren’t too many choices. However, if you’re deciding among Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta and Las Vegas, then it’s a bit more difficult. Here’s how to choose the virtual office location for you:

  1. Figure Out What You Want Out – Virtual office solutions can come with many different amenities, such as a virtual assistant, a business address, mail forwarding, meeting space, local number, a private office etc. Before figuring out a provider or a specific city or area, you need to know that you want and need in your virtual office solution. You might not need a virtual assistant, but you might want something that will accommodate more than one person. Make you list of must-haves, and then make a separate list of nice-to-haves.
  2. Narrow Down Your Options – There are literally tons of virtual office solutions found all over the country and all over the world. You can set up anywhere, so you want to narrow down your options to four or five locations that best suit your needs. Are your clients grouped in one city or region? Is there a market where you’d like a presence or a stronger presence? Do you have virtual employees in a certain location? All of those are factors to consider when narrowing down your options.
  3. Costs and Benefits – Although virtual offices are cheaper than traditional office solutions, a virtual office in downtown Chicago isn’t going to be the same price as one in Washington DC or its suburbs. This is a factor that needs to be considered on its own, as its not just a matter of virtual office pricing, but also a matter of lifestyle costs and benefits. How much would any additional business services cost?  How much would it cost to take a client to lunch? Would it be easy for client to meet you at this virtual office location? Does the virtual offices have a prestigious professional address? These may be some of the deciding factors after narrowing your choices.
  4. Business Potential – It may sound great to have a virtual office in Las Vegas, but if your company doesn’t have much potential in that city or out west, then it’s not necessarily the best choice. If you’re making your virtual office choice based on where your company would have the best room for growth and the most potential to dominate, then you need to a location that can do that. For situations like these, a smaller town or city may not be the best. Sure, you can probably dominate the market in Wichita, Kansas, but do you want to do that? Where can you do from there? Would it really be great for the company to say that you have an office in Wichita. For virtual office locations, consider the future needs of the business as well as immediate needs.
  5. Find a Provider and Make a Choice – Most locations have multiple providers, and some providers have multiple locations within a city. So, you should now be fully aware of the virtual office solutions available to you, and should be ready to make a choice based on pricing, benefits, your list of must-haves and nice-to-haves etc. The last step is to find a virtual office provider who can deliver everything you need, and a few things you want, at the price you want and in a specific location that works for you (right down to the street address).

How ‘Virtual’ is a Virtual Office?

virtual office locations
Virtual office locations aren't that virtual at all. You could easily have an office like this one!

When you have a virtual office, what does that even mean? Do you have a physical office located somewhere else, or is it just some infrastructure that makes it look like you have a physical office? Is it just a business address that you keep, or are there other business amenities as well? What could someone possibly get out of virtual office services?

With virtual office locations all over the country, small and big businesses alike can learn what it means to have a virtual office. Essentially, it’s everything mentioned above. You can have a virtual office located right in your home city, or in several cities if you travel often and have clients in those areas, or even in your vacation city of choice if you need to work while your away. If you don’t need the physical office, you can simply have the infrastructure, such as the business address, call forwarding, and access to printing and conference rooms when necessary. With the infrastructure, a solopreneur or a small business can save on costs while making it look like they are running a big operation.

Although the word ‘virtual’ tends to imply something that’s imagined for fictional, that is not the case with virtual office locations at all. They function very similarly to a typical office, except that they offer much more flexibility that a typical office. If all you need is a business address because you work from home and you don’t want to give away your home address or have a PO Box, then virtual office services are what you’re looking for. If you’re a startup of three or four people that needs somewhere to meet from time to time, then virtual office services can provide that, as well as a live-answering receptionist so you don’t have to give away your cell phone number all the time. If you need a fully-functional virtual office in Las Vegas because you have a lot of clients there, but you don’t live in Las Vegas, then virtual office services would work for you as well.

Just about the only thing you have to imagine with a virtual office is the location, as there are virtual office locations everywhere, and all you have to do is see yourself with virtual office services in any part of the country you want or need. If you think a virtual office can work for you, then stop thinking about it in the ‘virtual’ sense. Make it happen today!