How to Balance a Physical and Virtual Office

virtual office spaceMany entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and telecommuters are going to have both a physical and a virtual office solution. The physical office may be the home office or the employer, while the virtual office is used for client meetings, mail forwarding, or when a change of scenery is needed for the work done. Balancing both offices so that both workspaces are productive and are worth the expense is sometimes a challenge. It’s easy to get stuck using one over the other, or to lose touch in how to use each space most effectively. Here’s how to balance having both a physical and a virtual office space:

Dedicate Each Space to Different Tasks

Don’t use both spaces for client meetings, or both spaces of places to focus and get work done. By dedicating one for work, one for meetings, one for mail etc. it’s easier to apply structure and routine to your work. It also ensures that you have less to juggle and to manage then you already have, as you don’t have to coordinate so much in each office space or between the offices. Yes, some people don’t do well with structure and routine in their lives, but the point is that your workspaces shouldn’t be left to the whim of your desires. Waiting until the day of to decide where you want to work, or having tow or more offices doing the same thins is redundant and opens up opportunities for time to be wasted.

Choose One Address

Most likely you’re going to choose your virtual office space as the address you use to identify your business, to give to clients and vendors, and to put on business cards and other marketing materials. A popular reason why people get virtual offices is because they don’t want to give away their home address or use it as a business address. A virtual office address also looks more professional than a home address or a PO box. Anyway, choose one address (preferably the virtual office address) to use. Using both can be confusing to potential customers, and will hurt your branding because it could negatively impact the trust customers and potential clients have with your business.

Don’t Worry About Splitting Your Time Equally

The word “balance” means a state of equilibrium or an equal distribution, However, equal and equilibrium can mean whatever they need to mean to you. It doesn’t have to be a 50/50 distribution, especially since a 50/50 distribution is always equal in every sense of the word. If you’re only using your virtual office solution for mail forwarding or for monthly client meetings, then that’s okay. Part of what makes virtual office services so convenient is that they can be customized to your specific needs. You don’t have to pay for services you don’t need, or utilize your virtual office in a certain way so that you feel you get your money’s worth. If you only need the professional address, for example, then many virtual office providers are willing to do that and won’t charge you the same as someone who also wants mail forwarding or a virtual receptionist.

Choosing a virtual office for your business does not mean you have to give up another physical location, such as your home office or your favorite coffee shop. Many freelancers and sole proprietors don’t want to give up those spaces. With a virtual office, you don’t have to, as a virtual office can compliment your current physical office spaces in ways that make both an asset to your business and you more productive in the work that you do.

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