How Expensive are San Jose Virtual Offices?

One of the biggest benefits of San Jose virtual offices is the cost. Virtual offices solutions cost significantly less than traditional office spaces and, in some cities, even in coworking spaces. But, just how much does a San Jose virtual office, or any virtual office, typically cost? How much does a lawyer, entrepreneur, or small business like a doctor’s office actually save with a virtual office or by switching to a San Jose virtual office?

Virtual Office Costs

Generally, a San Jose virtual office can cost anywhere between $100 and $350 per month, depending on the types of services that you want. Of course, it’s cheaper if you only choose to have mail forwarding or to use the virtual office as a professional address. It would cost more if you want the mail forwarding as well as use of the conference room and/or use of a virtual receptionist services. A virtual office would also be more expensive in a more competitive location, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York. However, the the situation is much cheaper than a traditional office with a door, which can cost $400-$700 a month, depending on its size. That price also doesn’t come with a virtual receptionist, and you might not necessarily get a conference room to use.

Other Virtual Office Expenses (and Savings)

Those costs just cover the rent and what’s paid just to have the San Jose virtual office and to be able to use it. It does not include any other expenses or savings that could take place when making the switch. For example, if you are currently commuting an hour each day to a traditional office space, a virtual office can save four hours week if you choose this option and only go there three times a week, spending the other two days at home. An extra four hours can mean a lot for an entrepreneur or a growing small business. A company can also save on utility, Internet, and phone costs with a virtual office, as those expenses are often covered by the company in a normal office space. However, with a virtual office, those costs are covered for you with the monthly virtual office rate while providing an infrastructure that’s as good (if not better) than what you would get if you covered it all yourself.

The Additional Costs of a Virtual Office

With the benefits of cutting costs and even saving money on things you didn’t realize you could with a virtual office, it’s only fair to discuss some of the additional costs you can incur with a virtual office. For example, depending on your virtual office provider and the services that you choose, you might have to pay to use the conference room. Although most places will include that as part of the service, or as part of one service package, you might need to pay to book the room or if you need to use it a certain number of times. Another example is with printing, copying, and faxing costs. Most providers will have the facilities available, but might charge to use it or if you go over some sort of monthly or weekly quota. Naturally, this can be solved by using your own printer and copier in a home office, but this does mean that you would have to handle more of the costs yourself.

So, San Jose virtual offices, and virtual office solutions in general, typically cost only a few hundred dollars a month. Those costs change depending on your needs, your location, and maybe even if you need multiple locations (this also depends on your virtual office company. This information should give you an idea of whether or not virtual offices are a cost-effective solution for you.

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