Avoid Losing All Your Money with a Las Vegas Virtual Office

Las Vegas virtual officeLas Vegas is the premier location for many conferences, trade shows, and other annual events. Even though you’re in the city for business, and you’re only going to be there a short time, you still need a productive place to get some work done and to prepare for these big events. The hotel room or business center isn’t always adequate, and could be too close to many of the distractions that Las Vegas offers. You can lose your money at the blackjack table, but you shouldn’t have to lose money because you didn’t get the work done. Work hard, and play hard, with a Las Vegas virtual office.

Get Out of the Hotel and Convention Center

Especially this time of year, when the weather is consistently in the 70s, it’s worth it to leave the hotel and convention center and to venture into the city. Besides, the Las Vegas strip can be expensive, so working in a virtual office that’s away from everyone one will offer all the resources you need for less. You don’t have to pay extra printing fees, or pay for Internet access, or have to go without certain technologies. All you have to do is pay for the space and the transportation to and from the virtual office. If you’re worried about being too far away from all the fun, then remember that there are great casinos away from the Strip and Downtown, such as South Point, Red Rock, and M Resort.

Rent a Virtual Office for Short Period of Time

The business center or the hotel room may seem like a better option because you have those for a short period of time. After all, you’re only spending a week in Sin City and not a whole year. However, you can rent a virtual office or a meeting space for a week as well. You don’t have to pay the monthly rate, and you don’t have to pay for a space that’s too small or that doesn’t provide everything you need. With a virtual office, you don’t have to “make do” or to settle on a temporary space that isn’t all that great in the first place. You don’t have the throw money away because with a Las Vegas virtual office, you’ll have everything you’ll need to run the meeting, or to get some work done before tomorrow’s full day of seminars.

Have a Workspace Every Time You Visit

Las Vegas is constantly changing, even if your industry’s annual trade show is always in the same location. The hotel you stayed in last year may be full, or even non-existent. The business center could be closed for remodeling. Instead of scrambling every time to find someplace to work, have a guaranteed workspace with a virtual office. These buildings aren’t going to disappear, and even if the office or conference room you used last year is booked, there is always another one down the hall or two floors up. With this consistency, you’ll also know that you’ll have everything you need to get your work done. You don’t have to wonder if this other meeting space will have free Internet access, or if you’ll have to share the room with another group of professionals, or if the teleconferencing technology works. Everything is there, ready to go, in a Las Vegas virtual office.

Overall, we can’t do anything about your luck at the table. But, staying productive and finding a place to work in Las Vegas shouldn’t be about luck. You can reduce the variance with a virtual office in Las Vegas.

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How to Host a Presentation from a Long Beach Virtual Office

Long Beach virtual officesWith the way the world works, it’s conceivable that you’ll have to give some sort of presentation virtually. I could be a really large Google Hangout, or a webinar, or a good ole presentation to a group of people i.e. a professor giving a lecture. If you have a Long Beach virtual office, then you are no stranger to this situation. Yet, giving a presentation virtually still falls into the realm of ‘public speaking’ and ‘giving a speech’, which is rarely easy to do.  Here’s how to host a presentation from a Long Beach virtual office, considering the technological differences:

Look at the Camera

When giving a presentation from a virtual office, one of the biggest differences between this and a live presentation is that the audience isn’t in front of you. However, this doesn’t negate the importance of making eye contact and building a rapport with the audience. It’s just done differently by looking at the camera. It’s the only way any sort of “eye contact” is going to be made. Just like with a regular presentation, you don’t want to spend too much of your time looking at notes or looking at another part of your screen as if you are distracted.

Double Check Your Equipment Before the Presentation

Ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the presentation, make sure all of the equipment works and that you have a strong Internet connection. It’s always embarrassing and awkward to have to start late because of technical difficulties, or to have a short pause or delay because the Internet lost connection. Granted, you can’t prevent these things from happening 100% of the time, but if can ensure that your camera is on or that everyone can hear each other prior to the event, then that’s always a good thing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Long Beach virtual officeAnother unique thing about delivering a presentation virtually? It’s much more likely that it’s going to be recorded, and the content might be used in other ways (posted on YouTube, broken down into a white paper or into blog posts etc.). This means that if you screw up, there will be permanent record of it. Delivering a presentation in this manner isn’t the time to wing it or to give an impromptu speech. Therefore, you want to practice, practice, and practice some more. You want that YouTube video to be awesome, with people inspired by your speech and not critiquing it. You want your speech to be full of good quotes so that they will make great fodder for excellent summaries, blog posts and white papers.

Silence Your Cell Phone

Speakers hate it when a cell phone goes off in the audience. How rude! They were told to turn those things off, right?

Well, the audience hates it when the same thing happens with the speaker on stage. It’s extra horrible for a virtual delivery because it might be recorded, because that annoying ring tone might blare on the speakers, because you might actually have to take that call or to check to see who’s calling. It’s distracting, and if you want your audience to devote the time to what you have to say, then you ought to devote that same time to your audience for listening.

Have you ever hosted or given a presentation from a virtual office, or in a virtual setting before? If so, let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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4 Great Reasons to Rent Conference Rooms

Rent conference rooms like this one for your next client meeting or private work session.Conference rooms seem like such a “big business” amenity, something meant for stuffy board meetings and boring sales presentations. However, a conference room is what you make of it, and if you only perceive it as a room of rigidity and seriousness, you’ll fail to realize how renting a conference room from time to time could be a great business asset.

Renting conference rooms can be an excellent way for smaller businesses, and even startups and solopreneurs, to take care of business in a way that’s much better than doing so in a coffee shop, or at home, or at a library conference room. Here are four great reasons why you should rent conference rooms from a coworking space or a virtual office solution firm:

1. They’re Superb for Client Meetings – Sure, you can get client meetings done in a coffee shop or maybe a smaller office space, but what makes a conference room better is that there is more room and more amenities just in case they are need. If it turns out a whiteboard would be helpful, it’s available. If it happens to be the case that projecting a website or presentation on a screen would make things easier, then that choice is there. If more people come than you expected, there’s room for them. Conference rooms are as flexible as they are perceived to be inflexible.

2. It’s a Nice Place to Work on Short Notice – Drat! The coffee shop doesn’t have empty tables, or all the outlets are taken! So you don’t waste more time finding a place to work, rent a conference room and settle in. No worries about outlets, empty tales, or distractions. Rent the room for the whole day if you want.

3. They’re Perfect for Those Important Meetings – Interviewing someone for your firm? Perhaps meeting with a potentially big client, or a venture capitalist? Then rent the conference room. It’ll make a good impression and provide the formality necessary for these types of meetings. Sometimes, seriousness is a must-have.

4. Great Alternative to a Virtual Office – Perhaps you want to keep up a company policy of everyone working at home, but you still need a place for the entire group to meet face-to-face every week or month. Perhaps you already have a virtual office, but they don’t have a good conference room or meeting area. This is where renting a conference room comes in. Many places rent conference rooms for a small fee, which can be paid for on an hourly or a monthly basis. If all you need is the conference room, then by all means, get the conference room.

Conference rooms may seem stuffy or very “executive-level” that’s just too much for some businesses. However, if you need a conference room, it can be what you make of it. If you need a conference room, rent it and see how it can benefit you and your business.