3 Great Uses for an Hourly Office

offices by the hourFreelancers who choose to work from home, or startups that need to be together to get work done and build the business, may not necessarily want another permanent place to work. The home office, the garage, or the current startup headquarters works just fine. But, things can happen at the preferred place to work to make it a little less preferable. Repairs and renovations create distractions that make it difficult to concentrate. A long commute for an important meeting can make the return trip a waste of valuable time. Temporary situation require temporary solutions, such as an hourly office. No need to change your business address or your routine. Just have somewhere professional to go as the renovations, or to get more work done before the trip back. Here are three excellent uses for an hourly office, in case you’re ever in need of one:

Get Away from the Kids During Another Snow Day

Your city’s schools may have shut down for the day, but you still need to do work to feed those kids, and if they’re home then it’s nearly impossible to work. You can arrange your schedule around dinnertime and them being home in the afternoon, but you can’t always drop your workday to watch the kids. With an hourly office, you can go somewhere to get work done that will also have the work amenities and hours you need. Coffee shops may also close during severe weather, and libraries may not necessarily have the space or services available.

Meet Clients in a Professional Location

Perhaps you don’t meet with clients often enough to merit a virtual office or a coworking space membership. But, when those rare meetings are scheduled, you don’t necessarily want to make your first impression in your home office or coffee shop. Those locations make an impression too, and although you may love your home office or local coffee shop, your client/potential client may not necessarily like meeting somewhere other than an office building or conference room. An hourly office can be that room in the office building, and because the office charges by the hour, you don’t have to spend the day there or pay the day rate like you might at a coworking space.

The Need for a Suitable Workspace While Traveling

A new hotel trend is to create hourly office spaces that patrons can pay for by the hour. The idea is great for hotels as its an additional revenue source, and many traveling business professionals would otherwise use hotel lobbies, nearby restaurants, and the hotel business center to have a meeting or to get work done. It sounds great, but unfortunately, not every hotel has this service.

If you’re hotel doesn’t have this service, then consider paying for the virtual office. Sure, the business center, the hotel lobby, your hotel room, and the nearby restaurant may be free to use. But, the trade-off to ensure that you’re not going to get distracted by loud tourists or the cleaning lady may be worth the extra expense. The added cost may also be worth it if you can ensure there will be room for you to have your meeting, or if you can ensure that a printer is available at a reasonable price. The business center is free, but it may be full or may charge an outrageous price to print a few pages, unless you’re printing your boarding ticket. Usually those are free.

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