3 Reasons Why a PO Box is a Horrible Business Address

mailbox with red tab upFor many online businesses and home-based businesses, a PO Box is the easiest option for a business address. You can get one that’s close by and at a very low cost. It’s also a much better choice than using a home address, which doesn’t give you any privacy and may get you into trouble with city ordinances or a landlord. But, just because the PO Box is an easy and available option doesn’t mean it’s the best option for a business address. Here are three reasons why PO Boxes make horrible business addresses, and what you ought to use instead.

It Doesn’t Look Legitimate

PO Boxes are often used by scammers and fraudsters as a way to set up their schemes without having to release any personal information that could link crimes back to them. Although you may be running a legitimate enterprise, the fact that PO Boxes have been previously used for sinister purposes may make potential customers weary about your intentions. PO Boxes are simply harder to trace back to actual people, and if a potential customer wanted to do research on your business before paying for products and services, then a PO Box makes that more difficult. You don’t have to be so transparent that you give away a home address, but a PO Box isn’t considered a transparent or open business address where it’s easy to tell if you are who you say you are.

You Can’t Meet Any Clients or Customers at Your “Address”

With a PO Box, it’s difficult to meet any clients or potential customers at your “office.” You either have to arrange for a lunch or coffee meeting (which costs money), or you have to do the meeting at your home (which isn’t very professional or representative of a reliable, successful business). If someone asks to see your office space, or to meet you at your address, then what are you going to tell them when you only have a PO Box? A PO Box as a business address doesn’t show that you are a serious business or that you are open to meeting with clients and customers in a professional, productive location.

A PO Box Doesn’t Work for Google Places

If you want to have your business listed on Google Places, then a PO Box won’t work. Google doesn’t consider it an accurate physical location, and won’t list your business as a result. Part of Google’s requirements is that the business needs to be staffed during its hours of operations, and it’s very difficult to staff a PO Box. This policy especially hurts local businesses, so if you want to be known for your products/services in your area, then don’t use a PO Box. You can’t use it as an address online, which is how people will find out about you and learn about what you have to offer.

Virtual Office Mailing Addresses are the Best

Virtual office mailing addresses are a much better option than both PO boxes and your home address. They afford you privacy like a PO Box, but they are also more professional than either option. Virtual office mailing addresses also offer a variety of services that the others don’t, such as a receptionist to sign for deliveries, access to meeting spaces and business services, and a directory lobby listing. These addresses are also similar in cost to the PO box, while having a lot more flexibility and professionalism. Overall, virtual office addresses are the best business addresses out there if you have a home-based business, an online business, or if you’re a freelancer or sole proprietor.

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How Does Mail Management Work?

mail management, mail forwardingMany virtual offices come with a mail management option, where mail is received at your professional address and you can come pick it up on your own time. If you are someone who receives a lot of mail, or even a lot of packages, there could be plenty of questions about who receives the mail and how you are notified when something arrives.

Your mail is received at the Allied Office location you select. A facility receptionist will sign for packages on your behalf, and you will be notified of its arrival via email. Mail can be collected and held at your location, in which you will have access to your private mailbox to retrieve at your convenience (no notification. Pick it up when you can). In addition, mail forwarding is available if you prefer to have your mail forwarded to an address of your choice. The cost of mail forwarding is U.S. First Class costs plus 20% of the administrative charge.

Mail management is an excellent solution for those who work from home, but don’t want use give away the home address to vendors and clients. It’s also a much better alternative than using a P.O Box since using a virtual office address looks more professional on a website and on your letterhead. If that’s all you need, it’s possible to only choose mail management as part of your virtual office services package. Mail management is also a good idea if you will be away on business for an extended period of time. Someone will be watching any packages and envelopes that come in, instead of them piling up and making it obvious you are away.

That’s how mail management works. If you’re worried about someone else handling your mail, or it getting lost at our virtual offices, then mail management should be something to consider. We place all envelopes in a private mailbox, so it’s not sitting out for someone to take, and it won’t get lost in the shuffle of all the mail that comes through the virtual office facility. You’ll also be notified of packages, or could have your mail forwarded, if you don’t want mail sitting at the virtual office. Overall, if you’re okay with someone else managing your mail, then consider it as one less thing you have to worry about.