5 Ways a Virtual Office Can Improve Your Business for 2013

virtual-office-improve-your-businessThe new year is less than a month away! How are you planning for 2013? What goals are you setting for your business? Are you perhaps looking for ways to make next year better than this year, whether that’s in increasing revenues, cutting costs, or revamping how you do business? If you are a forward-thinking business owner, then a virtual office is something you ought to consider for 2013, if you’re not already. Here are five ways a virtual office can improve your business in the new year:

  1. New Opportunities for Marketing and Networking – It’s not just that a virtual office can help you to meet new people or to give your business more, and better, exposure. It’s also that the virtual office has opportunities for marketing and networking that aren’t as obvious in a home or a traditional office. One of them is offer classes through a platform like Dabble or Skillshare. Use the virtual office as the venue, and you’ll be able to reach new people in a way that might not have been obvious before.
  2. Reducing Overhead – Depending on where you go, you can get virtual office services as cheap as $50 or $75 a month! That’s less than a $1000 a year just to have professional office or a chic place to work or to meet clients once in a while, an amazing price if you don’t need an office with a door, or simply need a cheaper alternative. Sure, you can pay more money to get a live receptionist or for additional amenities. However, if you just need an address and a few options for places to work and to meet clients, that’s an excellent deal for your business.
  3. Flexibility for Personal Changes – Are you perhaps getting married, moving, or expecting a new baby in 2013? Then prepare for the changes with a virtual office, as they are much more flexible than traditional office spaces. Depending on the virtual office company, you can easily switch to another location with no hassle. As for the much-needed work/life balance, a virtual office can accommodate you working from home more often or extended time out of town for the ceremony and the honeymoon. Life goes on, so don’t let work weigh you down.
  4. Expand Much More Cheaply than Before – Is business booming, or doing better than ever in a certain part of the country? Establish a presence with a virtual office and start the process of turning your company in to a virtual company. No one has to know that it’s virtual, or that calls are being patched through to another part of the country. Just as long as the quality of service remains (or improves). This is also a cheap way to test the waters in a certain region, as setting up the whole traditional office is not only costly to do but even more costly if the plan doesn’t work out as well as thought.
  5. Go Green – With a virtual office, there’s no more excessive paper use or electricity waste. Nothing’s going to be left on overnight because the last one to leave forgot to turn it off, or tons of paper waste because of extra printing or paper cups from the coffee machine and water cooler. Okay, maybe your customers and potential customers don’t care, but every little bit helps the environment (and your bottom line).

The new year is always about making a change for the better or making the next year better than the previous one. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally fulfill those resolutions or to achieve that change for the better? A virtual office can help with that and your business. Losing weight or finding that perfect someone is still up to you.