4 Reasons Why Green Bay Virtual Offices aren’t For You

Green Bay virtual officesWe’re certainly not saying that Green Bay virtual offices are horrible (there’s no need to hate Wisconsin). We’re simply saying that if they aren’t for you, then any virtual office won’t work for you. As great as they are, virtual offices aren’t for everyone, and will only waste time and money. Here are four reasons why a virtual office may not be the best office space solution for you or your company.

You Need a Physical Division Between Work and Home

When transitioning to a virtual office, one of the difficulties is setting up those divisions between work from home, or even just setting up a new workspace. If you’re someone who needs those divisions set for you, then a virtual office won’t be for you. Working from a virtual office requires a lot of discipline on your end to ensure that you get your work done and that you don’t waste time because no one is watching you or asking you if you’re working. If it helps you to have someone else there, or to have that sort of structure, then a virtual office won’t work for you.

You’re Looking for Social Interactions and Networking Opportunities

If that’s what you’re looking for, then you probably want a coworking space and not a virtual office. They are similar in that they are both flexible workspace options, but a coworking space is much better for extroverts because they encourage social interactions and networking events. Virtual offices can have this, but it’s not something that’s actively promoted or encouraged. With virtual offices, it’s more about having something to use as needed and as a professional address while you work from home. If you’re looking something that replicates the social aspects of a traditional office while allowing you to do your own work, then a virtual office isn’t for you.

Your Company Wants Butts in Seats at Headquarters

For those that aren’t entrepreneurs or self-employed, they need the support of their employers to telecommute in any way. If your employer doesn’t like the idea because they want to see people in their chairs doing work, then a virtual office won’t look like a great idea because people won’t be coming to the office. In order for virtual offices to be part of any office space solution, your employer needs to trust its employees and to be willing to do what it takes to accommodate them. That’s what it takes to make a virtual office work.

Your Prone to Distractions from Friends and Family

Even if you were self-disciplined and could work from home, if you don’t have the right home life, then a virtual office isn’t going to work. It’s also not going to work if your friends and family don’t understand that you need to work and treat you as if it’s the weekend. This may also include young children, who will need a lot of attention and don’t understand that you need a little peace and quiet to get something done. Although telecommuting options are great for working parents and great for those living with a lot of people, the virtual office may not be the solution here since virtual offices still have a work from home aspect.

Overall, virtual offices are a big decision and can be a solution to your work or office space needs. But, if you don’t anticipate what’s coming for you, or if you choose a virtual office for the wrong reasons, then the solution isn’t going to work. We only want to provide virtual offices to those who will succeed in it.

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