How to Host a Presentation from a Long Beach Virtual Office

Long Beach virtual officesWith the way the world works, it’s conceivable that you’ll have to give some sort of presentation virtually. I could be a really large Google Hangout, or a webinar, or a good ole presentation to a group of people i.e. a professor giving a lecture. If you have a Long Beach virtual office, then you are no stranger to this situation. Yet, giving a presentation virtually still falls into the realm of ‘public speaking’ and ‘giving a speech’, which is rarely easy to do.  Here’s how to host a presentation from a Long Beach virtual office, considering the technological differences:

Look at the Camera

When giving a presentation from a virtual office, one of the biggest differences between this and a live presentation is that the audience isn’t in front of you. However, this doesn’t negate the importance of making eye contact and building a rapport with the audience. It’s just done differently by looking at the camera. It’s the only way any sort of “eye contact” is going to be made. Just like with a regular presentation, you don’t want to spend too much of your time looking at notes or looking at another part of your screen as if you are distracted.

Double Check Your Equipment Before the Presentation

Ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the presentation, make sure all of the equipment works and that you have a strong Internet connection. It’s always embarrassing and awkward to have to start late because of technical difficulties, or to have a short pause or delay because the Internet lost connection. Granted, you can’t prevent these things from happening 100% of the time, but if can ensure that your camera is on or that everyone can hear each other prior to the event, then that’s always a good thing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Long Beach virtual officeAnother unique thing about delivering a presentation virtually? It’s much more likely that it’s going to be recorded, and the content might be used in other ways (posted on YouTube, broken down into a white paper or into blog posts etc.). This means that if you screw up, there will be permanent record of it. Delivering a presentation in this manner isn’t the time to wing it or to give an impromptu speech. Therefore, you want to practice, practice, and practice some more. You want that YouTube video to be awesome, with people inspired by your speech and not critiquing it. You want your speech to be full of good quotes so that they will make great fodder for excellent summaries, blog posts and white papers.

Silence Your Cell Phone

Speakers hate it when a cell phone goes off in the audience. How rude! They were told to turn those things off, right?

Well, the audience hates it when the same thing happens with the speaker on stage. It’s extra horrible for a virtual delivery because it might be recorded, because that annoying ring tone might blare on the speakers, because you might actually have to take that call or to check to see who’s calling. It’s distracting, and if you want your audience to devote the time to what you have to say, then you ought to devote that same time to your audience for listening.

Have you ever hosted or given a presentation from a virtual office, or in a virtual setting before? If so, let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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Why Meeting in a Coffee Shop is a Bad Idea

Need to Have a Virtual Meeting? Then You Need a Virtual Office

Why Meeting in a Coffee Shop is a Bad Idea

meeting in a coffee shopIt’s great to have a client meeting, or a free consultation, or even a simple professional meeting with a business coach or a potential marketing partner. It means things are going well. But, do you really want to do that meeting in a coffee shop, where you could be overheard or you might even have trouble finding a table? Not to mention that there’s not guarantee on an outlet or that it’ll even be quiet enough for you to easily hear each other. Although coffee shops aren’t necessarily bad places to meet, it can still be a bad idea since there are way better options out there.

Coffee Shops Have Their Place

Coffee shops can work for more casual meetings, like if you have a laid-back relationship with a client or your business coach is also a close friend as well as a professional colleague. Some even have meeting spaces that you can rent for a small fee, and of course you can’t forget the awesome food and drink. But this isn’t always the case. If you’re potential client would be a really big account and you want to make the best impression possible, or perhaps doesn’t fancy meeting in coffee shops, then you need to perhaps rent a conference room in an office building or a coworking space. If the impression is important, then you want to have your meeting in an environment where you can control as much of the atmosphere as possible.

What if There’s No Space?

Even though some coffee shops have a conference area or a meeting room to rent, most don’t. So, if the place happens to be crowded and there isn’t an open table or its too noisy, then you could be out of luck. That’s not only embarrassing, but finding a new location could waste time if the person you’re meeting is on a strict schedule. By choosing a board room or a day office that would always be available to you when you needed it, and would come with open outlets and other technology that you might need, you don’t have to worry about finding something in a pinch or needing to reschedule when you otherwise could have had the meeting.

It’s Cheaper

It would be cheaper in the long run if you’re meeting at coffee shops a lot. Sure, you don’t have to sit at a coffee shop, but many coffee shops won’t allow you to take a table without making a purchase, and sometimes you could do without purchasing the small coffee or the pastry. Instead, with a professional meeting space that doesn’t serve any food or drink, you only have to pay to use the space and not for any unwanted snacks. Also, with a professional meeting space arrangement, you could use that space to work as well as have meetings, even if that’s just to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Besides, we all know that eating out is more expensive than eating in, so why eat out when you don’t have to?

Coffee shops aren’t bad, especially if they make an impressive dark roast or their brownies are to die for. But, there are quieter, more professional options when it comes to meeting spaces, so it’s important to know about those and to use them when the circumstances require it. We’re not asking you to avoid the neighborhood business forever, just when renting a conference room or a professional meeting space could make the difference in landing a deal or in making that important first impression.

Need to Have a Virtual Meeting? Then You Need a Virtual Office!

virtual meeting
Videoconferencing in a virtual office a cost-friendly way to hold a virtual meeting.

With the Internet, is much more possible than ever before to have an international business. This could mean having customers all over the world, or having employees and/or contractors based in several countries. With the stretch of time zones and distances, it’s important to keep in contact and to find a way to communicate. Sometimes, email isn’t always best, as its still subject to those time zones (if you send an email while your colleague is sleeping, they certainly won’t read it until the next morning). However, with the Internet, it’s possible to bridge those gaps with a virtual meeting.

A virtual meeting is essentially a conference call, something that could be done with Skype, Google Hangouts, or a similar service. Sure, email or even a phone call or an online chat could get the job done, but if more people need to be involved in the conversation, those options can make the process tricky. This is where a virtual meeting, and a virtual office, can come in.

Why Virtual Meetings?

Meetings aren’t the funnest part of the job or the workplace, but sometimes they are more efficient in getting a few things done, compared with communicating with everyone individually when they have the time to do so. There’s too much room for information changing from conversation to conversation, or for a misunderstanding to happen. At least with a meeting, questions can be answered at once, and if information changes, everyone would know about it at the same time.

Besides making it easier to communicate with multiple people at once, virtual meetings also save on time and on travel costs. All you would have to pay for is virtual office time, versus coordinating transportation so everyone can meet in one place, or just getting everyone into closer time zones so no one has to meet at 3 a.m. A virtual meeting also allows for the meeting to happen when everyone is available, and not necessarily when everyone is in the right time zone or finally arrives at the meeting location. If someone wanted/needed, they could join the meeting from the airport or from a vehicle, although it may not be ideal. However, the meeting wouldn’t be held up for wait for that person to arrive or to get to an ideal location.

How Virtual Meetings and Virtual Offices Go Together

Let’s face it, videoconferencing technology can be expensive, and not every business has the room or the money to have their own videoconferencing room or equipment. This is where a virtual office could come in. Instead of dealing with the cheaper, although less convenient, ways of handling a virtual meeting or in communicating with multiple people at once, a virtual meeting in a virtual office can make everything easier. Everything is there, and it can only be used and paid for when you actually need it. The virtual office location can also ensure that the meeting is as productive and professional as possible, which is crucial if your business has employees working from home, and/or working from home all over the world.

With the Internet and all kinds of other new technology, virtual meetings are becoming more commonplace and more necessary than ever to conduct businesses. Services such as meeting spaces and virtual offices are arriving to make conducting business over the Internet and across international borders easier. As virtual meetings become an everyday part of business, so will virtual offices. If you are already conducting virtual meetings, or think that a virtual meeting will make it easier to run your business, then consider a virtual office services to facilitate those meetings and those needs.

Do You Need a Virtual Day Office?

virtual day officeVirtual Day Offices a Great Alternative to Other Work Spaces, without the Huge Investment

Are you working from the coffee shop all the time? Do you want a professional work space for your small company, but don’t have the money or the need for a full-time dedicated office space? Then consider a virtual day office as a way to have that professional work space when you need to make conference calls, to meet with clients, to have a company meeting, or to get some work done without the distractions of a live band or the idle chatter of the couple sitting next to you.

The Benefits of a Virtual Day Office

A virtual day office can be rented by the hour, day, or longer, depending on your exact needs. It comes with all the amenities of a coffee shop (the coffee is free at a virtual day office) and much more, such as a reception area and a dedicated phone line. If travelling on business for an industry conference, then it’s a much better option than competing with everyone else for the nearby coffee shops, the hotel lobby and business center, or space in the convention center. If travelling to meet a client, imagine how prepared and professional you would look if you can take them to a virtual day office instead of a coffee shop or the hotel lobby! Sure, in these scenarios, the office is a little more expensive, but it might be worth the convenience, or the first impression.

What Comes with a Virtual Day Office?

A virtual day office can be an executive suite, or a conference room, or a small meeting virtual day officespace. It all depends on what would best fit your needs, as obviously something like what’s pictured on the right will be great for a meeting of three or four people (like a company or client meeting), but won’t be good for an entrepreneur or a freelancer who just needs something for one person. Whatever the case may be, either an executive suite, or a conference room/meeting space can be rented by the hour, day, or for a longer period of time. All three would come with Internet access, a dedicated phone line, a reception area, free coffee, and even printing, copying, and faxing service. It’s all that’s necessary to function like a normal office or company, but without spending a ton of money on things that you don’t need all the time.

What’s the Alternative?

Without a virtual day office, what you would and/or your company be doing? Would it have the large overhead associated with a typical office space? Would it be meeting in basements, libraries, and coffee shops in order to get things done? Would it be wasting time finding someplace suitable to work and dealing with distractions. If you, or your company, would be doing any or all of those things, then you definitely need a virtual day office. Fortunately, we have locations all over the country, so we’ll have something somewhere that can suit your needs.

What Makes a Las Vegas Meeting Space Great?

Las Vegas Meeting SpaceA Las Vegas meeting space may be easy to come by. The metropolitan area has almost two million people, meaning there are tons of office parks, virtual offices, coworking spaces, and other community areas that are great places to have a business meeting. But, with so many choices, what makes a meeting space great? How do you determine which of these many meeting spaces are best for you?

Determining the best Las Vegas meeting space would depend on your specific needs. If you only need space for five people, then you aren’t going to need a large conference room. If you need technology, such as a projector or conference calling, then maybe a virtual office or a meeting room in an office park will suffice. If you need your meeting space in the evening, then maybe a coworking space or a community area might be best. Some meeting rooms have a rental fee, while some don’t. The best Las Vegas meeting space for you will be one that meets all of your needs as a business or association.

Even in Las Vegas, there will still be a lot of meeting spaces that will meet your needs. They will be available at  the right price, and have all the amenities needed to run the meeting smoothly, and will fit everyone in the group. How do you continue to narrow down your choices of meeting rooms to find one that is great, but that also meets your needs?

A great Las Vegas meeting space ought to be up to date. Even if you may not need technology, you ought to find a meeting room that is well kept and maintained. This is not just so you meeting space looks good, but its also indicative of how the property owner cares for the meeting room, the rest of the property, and the patrons who use these facilities.

A great Las Vegas meeting space also ought to be secure. This is critical if you need your meeting space in the evening when there might not be others in the building, or if you rent a meeting room just a few times a week or month. Security could be in the form of a security guard, or a key to the building, or an alarm system. A great meeting space is a secure meeting space.

A great Las Vegas meeting space also needs to be comfortable and accommodating. This could come in a variety of forms: comfy chairs, ample space for everyone, temperature control, pleasing decor etc. What would be considered comfortable and accommodating to you would depend on the purpose of your meetings, and the tastes and preferences of you and the rest of your group.

What do you think makes a great Las Vegas meeting space? Let us know in the comments below!