Tips to Maintaining Your Billings Virtual Office Lifestyle

life in a virtual officeWorking from a virtual office is a lifestyle all by itself because you are working in an environment that isn’t constrained by coworkers, or the commute, or even the physical location in which you are working. A Billings virtual office is very dependent on you: how you want it to work, how you want it to be productive, what you need it to be so you can be successful. It’s your lifestyle, but there are elements that only come from the virtual office. Here are a few tips to maintaining the virtual office lifestyle without losing control of your work or your life:

“Pretend” like You’re Going to the Office

The commute to the office may waste time and gas, but that doesn’t mean everything you do prior to getting into the car needs to be thrown out as well. Even though you can work in your pajamas or throw on a pair of jeans to work in a virtual office, putting on the work clothes can affect how you feel about the workday, and make you more productive by putting you in the right mindset.

The point is to reinforce psychologically going to work, so a virtual office shouldn’t be viewed as a way to kick back. Essentially, you ought to have a non-negotiable morning routine that prepares you for work. This could mean getting your breakfast in, checking your email before doing anything else, and/or having your cup of coffee to wake up. The commute may be much shorter, with no one setting any rules, but having no rules means you’re only going to be less productive.

Find a Way to Stay Organized that Works for You

There are thousands of ways to stay organized, and we’re not going to list them all here, but you do need to find one or more ways that work for you. With a virtual office solution, there isn’t necessarily going to be a boss or manager that’s going to help you by reminding you of a deadline or asking you to clean up your desk. These things may have always been your responsibility, but more so with a virtual office because you don’t have the help of others around you to drop you reminders.

However, of all the things that you do need to organize, the most critical one is your time. The virtual office lifestyle isn’t going to work if you can’t ensure that you don’t waste all your time on social media or procrastinating with “paper-pushing” tasks such as catching up on emails or on the latest in your industry. Yes, those things still need to get done, but make sure that you’re setting aside time to do that, instead of just going those things because you need to be “productive” or you need to feel like you’re working.

If You Don’t Have the Energy, Respond Appropriately

When our energy levels start to flag, many bad habits can kick in, such as reaching for a soda/energy drink. Not only are those solutions temporary, but they aren’t good for your health of for your overall productivity. It may seem like the most productive thing to do is to push through your low-energy levels to keep working and to get things done, but it’s not. You waste time doing because it will take you longer to do those same tasks, and you may make more mistakes.

Instead, do what you really need to to bring those energy levels up. If you need to take a quick break, then do so by going for a walk or playing a quick game on your phone. If you need a nap, then take a nap. If you need to eat some food, then have a meal or a snack. It’s okay to do these things, and one of the best aspects of the virtual office lifestyle is having the freedom to spend the time how you’d like to. Spend time getting your energy level back up, instead of draining yourself even more. You’ll feel better afterward and still manage to get more done.

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