December 25, 2020 | 3 minutes

Stop Listening To Yourself, Start Speaking To Yourself

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Think about the person you communicate with the most? Who came to mind? If you’re thinking of a list of names, make sure yours is at the number one spot. We talk to ourselves the most throughout the day. Sometimes we talk to ourselves externally, but most times we talk to ourselves internally. Our thoughts and the way we speak to ourselves greatly determines our actions.

For example, if Negative Nancy controls your thoughts, she too will control your actions. Fill yourself with doubt, and see how you will be at a standstill for a while. If you are speaking negatively, speaking how difficult a task is, how whatever you do is not going to work, speaking your insecurities into existence; you will feel as if everything is impossible. Any obstacle will seem huge and overcoming will be a challenge.

It is hard to say that most of us just waltzed into success;  we were dedicated to our vision. Your thoughts can work with or against you, and it is your choice to feed one or the other.  We all hit walls or bumps in the road, but what made us successful is the process of finding ways over, around and under the walls and bumps.

When you begin speaking life into yourself, you take a huge weight off of your shoulders. You allow your mind to find ways to make things happen.  An optimistic mindset with a consistent work ethic is unstoppable when it catches momentum. You are unstoppable when you believe you can; therefore, you put a plan into action. Some things might not go as planned, but learn to tell yourself that those are learning lessons you had to go through to become a stronger entrepreneur. To be successful, you have to overcome many hurdles, trials and tribulations, but it is who you become through it that counts. Make the journey to success easier on yourself by speaking positively to yourself.

Instead of saying, “I can’t.” Say, “How can I?”

Instead of saying how hard you have it, have a spirit of gratitude for your journey.

Instead of telling yourself how tired you are, tell yourself how energized you are to get things done.

Instead of telling yourself how busy you are, start thinking of your work as productive.

Instead of telling yourself that it will never happen, tell yourself that it is not a matter of if it will happen, it is just a matter of when it will happen.

If you want to start controlling your thoughts and actions, try keeping track of what you are telling yourself throughout the day. Keep a journal of your self-talk for a couple of days or even a week. This will help you see if you are mostly speaking into existence positivity or by default harmful words.

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