November 3, 2011 | 3 minutes

A PO Box is a horrible business address

By Nathan Strum

I recently read a blog post by Jennifer Mattern at https://bizammo.com/management/better-business-options-street-address-or-po-box/ . The blog post talks about “the” 3 options for a business address along the benefits and downsides of each option. While I agree with most of the benefits and downsides given by Jennifer, I was horrified that she missed the absolute best of all worlds: a virtual office mail address.

As Jennifer rightfully points out, a PO Box has the advantage of keeping your home address private. This is obviously meant to be a topic for home based businesses. If you have a retail shop or office building, then you would use your physical address at the retail shop, office or warehouse. The home based entrepreneur is faced with the privacy concern when it comes to using their home address, where they are working and running the business from.

Now, Jennifer does talk about a UPS store and the fact that you get a physical mail address wen you rent a mailbox at the UPS store. But there is little difference between a PO Box and the mailbox at the UPS store.

  • Both the PO box and the UPS address requires you to fill out CMRA forms. This means you must trail the address with a box number of sorts. Whether it is a PO box number or a PMB (private mail box) number, it’s still a non-brick-and-mortar address.
  • Anyone with access to the internet will see your address is a UPS store or Post Office. This will absolutely hurt your credibility as people generally want to do business with a company that has enough resources to handle their business. Not having a brick-and-mortar location still brings the connotation that your business is thin on resources.

A virtual office provides you a mailing address outside of your home. A virtual office provides you a physical address. A virtual office address is the same address that companies that rent full time office suites use. Meaning when your potential customer, vendor, investor or any other person interested in the credibility of your business looks you up, they will see that you are at a professional office building.

And what’s more, what happens when you are using a PO box and your customer or business associate wants to drop by your office? Maybe they want to meet with you at your office. Or maybe they just want to drop off some paperwork at your office. This is going to be an embarrassing moment for a business owner that claims to have a business located inside a UPS store.

In a virtual office, if someone stops by your office, your receptionist at the front desk greets your visitor as if she or he works for you. You not only have a professional office address for mail, a office building to call your own… you also have a friendly, professional staff to represent your company.

Jennifer, maybe you were unaware of the virtual office option when you wrote your blog post? If you are still unfamiliar with this great option I would like to invite you to come into one of our 70 locations across the US and Canada for a tour. I think you will be very impressed with this incredible option for small businesses!

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