August 21, 2011 | 2 minutes

Outside the Virtual Office Box: Costa Rica Condo Sales

By Nathan Strum

We have a new client at the Las Vegas Virtual Office location who is using his virtual office in a way that has me thinking outside of the virtual office box. James sells condos in Costa Rica. Most of his prospects come from the U.S. and a large portion come directly from Las Vegas. So James came to us with a very unique idea. In our conference room we have a flat screen TV setup with a DVD player. James advertises his virtual office address here as his Las Vegas sales office. When his prospects come into the office asking for information regarding a condo for sale in Costa Rica the front desk staff take the prospect into the conference room, very politely offer the prospect  coffee or water, then start a 5 minute video presentation for the prospect to watch.

By the time they are finished watching the video, we have called and patched James into the conference room speaker phone. James then starts his sales pitch from there and soon after has the prospect booking a flight to Costa Rica to view one of his properties.

The entire process from start to finish is perfected by James and his virtual office staff. It is an impressive sales process which allows James to virtually have an entire staff and office in a city that he is thousands of miles from.

If you have a great “outside of the virtual office box idea,” please call us at 877-811-4050 to work with one of our virtual office advisers. We will work with you and your circumstances to brainstorm and establish a powerful use of a virtual office.

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