September 2, 2014 | 3 minutes

Office Space Designs From Across The World


Photo by Elliott Brown (Flickr)

By Nathan Strum

People who work from a home office through a virtual office often forget just how much freedom they truly have. When you work from your own home office, you can decorate that office however you want. Sometimes it helps to draw on inspiration from other cultures and see how people around the world design their office spaces. When you have the world as your resource, you can create some very interesting office designs.

The Belgian Office Pod

DmVA is an architectural firm out of Belgium that has created the office pod. The simplicity of this idea is great, but the functionality is even better. It looks like a giant, white jelly bean that contains everything you would need for an office. It has bookshelves on the wall, a desk, and a skylight to allow you to take advantage of the natural light. If you want an office that allows you to get away from it all, then this is your solution.

Camouflage in the Netherlands

Piet Hein Eek is a Dutch furniture designer who may have come up with the ultimate in office building design ideas. His idea was to build a small office in a forested area using a pile of logs. The effect is that it creates the ultimate sense of privacy while still allowing the person to enjoy maximum productivity.

The Red Bull Look

In London, England, the manufacturers of Red Bull energy drink have come up with a sleek office design that creates a lot of open space. The design is in line with Red Bull’s message of being a contemporary company, but it also inspires the idea that when it comes to office design, less can definitely be more.

Mindlab’s Whiteboard Walls

Mindlab is a company in Copenhagen, Denmark, that requires its people to do a lot of thinking. Instead of putting its thinkers into conference rooms with whiteboards, Mindlab devised spherical rooms that are completely coated with whiteboard walls. The spherical shape allows thinkers to be able to reach all of the whiteboard space and never have to stop thinking.

Outdoors With Selgas Cano

Selgas Cano is an architectural firm in Madrid that may have the perfect answer for your home office blues. Half of the Selgas Cano offices is solid, while the other half is completely made of windows. It helps that the company’s offices sit right on the edge of a beautiful jungle and that the view is spectacular. But if you are looking for a new way to let the sunshine into your home office, then replacing half of your office walls with windows may not be such a bad idea.

Google in Zurich

Google’s offices in Zurich, Switzerland, pretty much go against every office-designing convention ever created. In some parts of the building, the stairways have been replaced with slides. Instead of tables in the company cafeteria, there are replicas of hot air balloon baskets and taxi cabs. The best part about Google in Zurich is that every employee must be within 100 meters of food at all times. That means that the place is filled with kitchens. If eccentric is your thing, then Google’s Zurich office is your model.

The way that people in other cultures approach business can often be very different than what you are used to. Take a look around the world and you are destined to find the perfect idea to make your home office perfect.

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