May 19, 2016 | 3 minutes

Monday Mornings: How to Look Forward to Them

By Nathan Strum


The Monday Blues: everyone gets it, but few know how to control it. When the weekend and everything leading up to the weekend is great, it’s hard to come back to work on Monday and be overly enthusiastic about being productive.  That mindset can actually have you at a loss of energy and productivity.  This upcoming Monday, try putting your energy into having a positive attitude towards the week. This will help you focus on getting things done instead of spending all your energy on what you have to take on for the week. Here are a couple of approaches I use to tackle the Monday Blues and turning my day into a strong start to my work week.
Stay away from Monday morning meetings
I was talking to some of my colleagues not that long ago, the topic being staff/manager meetings. We we’re bouncing ideas off of each other, and we realized that out of our entire Monday, Monday mornings are usually our prime time to get work done. It doesn’t make sense to invest your prime energy on activities that don’t require as much of your focus or attention. Studies have shown that the later part of the week is the least productive, for obvious reasons, so Thursday or Fridays would be great days to hold meetings.  In my opinion, I would lean more towards Thursday. When you do this, that gives you Thursday and Friday to get everything organized for the upcoming week. Waiting until Monday to organize what you have to do for the week makes coming in Monday morning dreadful. Plan everything Thursday or Friday. It will allow you to come to work on Monday with a clear head.
Have something to look forward to
When you are fired up about life, fired up about the direction your business is headed, fired up about the awesome team that you have, you always have something to look forward to! Each Monday try to make a list of about 3-5 things you are fired up about.  A list of 3-5 things that you have to look forward to that week can really hype your mood for the following days. When your mood reflects how excited you are about your week, you will send a signal to your brain to get things done!
The way you dress is the way you feel
As much as we would like to come to work in jeans or sweats, that kind of attire will make you feel sluggish. Dress up. Put on a nice dress. Put on your best suit. Feeling good and looking good boosts your confidence.  You already won half the battle by feeling good. Now put those feelings into actions.
Do a random act of kindness Monday morning
When you do a kind act towards someone else, it gives you that “feel good” feeling. There’s no better feeling than knowing you made someone’s day. If you are going on your Monday morning coffee run, think about maybe buying someone else’s drink as well. It’s a win-win because not only did you get a feeling of satisfaction, but you made someone else’s Monday morning as well. What you give is what you get in this world, so take the time to make someone smile. It will come back to you ten-fold.

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