April 4, 2012 | 3 minutes

Looking for Office Space? 4 Things to Consider

looking for office spaceIf you’re looking for office space, there are tons of things to think about when finding an executive suite or a meeting space that’s right for you. Whether you are an entrepreneur just getting started, or a startup that’s expanding, or an established business looking to save some money, there is plenty to consider when looking for an office space and finding one that will fit your needs. Here are five things to consider when looking for office space:

  1. Location – Location can mean either within the city your in, or picking a city within the country. Many office space companies have lots of locations throughout the country, and may have several in the city you are in. Within the city, would your office space be located downtown, or in a major business district? Is the location employee friendly, with places to park and to go for lunch? Is the location easy to get to, such as near a major highway or a major exit? These are factors that can make a difference of whether or not an office space is right for you and your business.
  2. Technology – Some office spaces, especially virtual offices, will come with technological amenities. These can include printing and faxing services, high speed Internet,┬áteleconferencing, a dedicated phone line, and virtual assistant services. Depending on the size of your business and your particular needs, you might want all the technology possible so you don’t have to worry about those costs. Maybe you’d like the other end, where technology is under your control because you have specific business needs and are very comfortable with these decisions. When looking for office space, consider the technological amenities.
  3. Flexibility – Would you like 24/7 access, or are typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m hours suitable for you? Do you need mail forwarding services? Or access to other locations around the country when you travel? What’s their policy on children, or on dropping in for just a few hours a week to do work? Are services and spaces scalable, in case you have more growth in the future? The flexibility of an office space is important, because you want to find an office space company who’s willing to work with you and meet your needs, instead of trying to squeeze your needs into their services. The answers to these questions will indicate how flexible an office space is to meeting the needs of their tenants and potential tenants.
  4. Client Impression – If you are looking for office space that is suitable to bring clients looking for office spaceto, then you need to consider the kind of an impression the space will make on a client regarding you and your business. Does your office space come with security, so your client feels safe, but also welcome? Does your office space look clean, maintained, and up-to-date, so your client thinks that you are and your business are the same way? A client may not care about how flexible the office space is to your needs, or if it provides your Internet access, but you need to consider an office space that reflects well upon you and your company.

Looking for office space and finding one that’s right for you and your business is no easy task. There’s plenty to choose from, and plenty to consider when finally settling on a solution. Hopefully, there four considerations will make it easier in making your selection.

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