August 11, 2011 | 2 minutes

Las Vegas Virtual Office Foreclosures

By Nathan Strum

Foreclosed Virtual Office? It sounds crazy right? Many executive suite owners in Las Vegas lease their space from the building owner. This creates 2 potential nightmares for a company using a Las Vegas virtual office or executive office suite at a location which was leased prior to the real estate collapse of 2008.

Nightmare #1. The executive suite owner leased the space prior to 2008 meaning they are locked into a long term lease with pre-bubble lease rates. AND, at the same time, they have to lease out the individual office suites to short term tenants for post-bubble rates. Anyone can do the simple math here and conclude that most executive suite owners that leased their space prior to 2008 are doomed.

Nightmare #2. The office complex where your executive suite is located goes into foreclosure and the receiver or the doomed real estate owner defaults on the utilities which forces your landlord the executive suite owner out of business. Sound far fetched? This is exactly what happened to an executive suite (unnamed) in the North West here in Las Vegas near Ann Road.

Allied Offices Las Vegas owns their real estate in Summerlin Centre. If you are looking for a safe place to house your business and a cheap alternative to renting office space, please call Allied Offices at 702-515-7444.

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