November 20, 2015 | 3 minutes

Is Your Business At Risk of Being Hacked?

By Nathan Strum


What seems to be never ending and a huge current struggle is the amount of hackings taking place. The ones we hear about in the media are a bit intimidating while others are a bit more minor, but it’s best to know how to prevent your privacy from being invaded.

“Oh well, I have a small business, so I shouldn’t worry too much about it, right?” That is the common misconception that many business owners have and a mentality we should steer away from. Think about it. If a small business takes a hit, it will be much harder for them to come back from the damage that was done than a larger corporation will. When firewalls, protection systems, and other sorts of mechanisms are solely what you rely on, it’s safe to say that you are still at a higher risk. What also puts us at risk is the smaller things like ignoring the alerts of possible attacks or scrolling through unsafe sites.
Below are a couple of warnings and things to consider when trying to establish protection for your business.

Educate those in your business
Probably one of the most fundamental measures you can take is educating your staff. They might not know the severity associated with being on the wrong websites or the consequences that may come with opening a malicious email address. If you have access to your IT expert, it can be helpful to have this person do a quick meeting for your staff. It is also important that you layout an internet policy for your company, so everyone is aware of what activities are acceptable. Even try posting them in different place where employees know that they can always look back to for reference.

Use the Cloud sensibly 

Saving things to the cloud works great for small businesses. It’s secure and easy to use. There are many things that are safe to back up on the cloud, but there are a couple of other things that we can try to be more cautious about. A good way to start sorting through your information is to rank it by sensitivity. If the document has sensitive to very sensitive information, it is best to have it saved in a more secure location.

Lock your Network
We’ve seen multiple movies where there is a sketchy guy in a van parked outside a house, and inside the van there are antennas, computers and software systems. Think it’s just an exaggeration from Hollywood? Well, there is actually such a thing! Some hackers drive around buildings and neighborhoods to find unlocked or poorly protected networks. This is called wardriving. Having wireless networks can make it easier for hackers to intrude in your information. If you must have one, I would suggest disabling the SSID, so your network is hidden. Wired networks are more secure because hacking them is more difficult. Usually, hackers would have to access your database through hacking your modem or physically plugging into your outlets.

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