March 7, 2012 | 3 minutes

How ‘Virtual’ is a Virtual Office?

virtual office locations
Virtual office locations aren't that virtual at all. You could easily have an office like this one!

When you have a virtual office, what does that even mean? Do you have a physical office located somewhere else, or is it just some infrastructure that makes it look like you have a physical office? Is it just a business address that you keep, or are there other business amenities as well? What could someone possibly get out of virtual office services?

With virtual office locations all over the country, small and big businesses alike can learn what it means to have a virtual office. Essentially, it’s everything mentioned above. You can have a virtual office located right in your home city, or in several cities if you travel often and have clients in those areas, or even in your vacation city of choice if you need to work while your away. If you don’t need the physical office, you can simply have the infrastructure, such as the business address, call forwarding, and access to printing and conference rooms when necessary. With the infrastructure, a solopreneur or a small business can save on costs while making it look like they are running a big operation.

Although the word ‘virtual’ tends to imply something that’s imagined for fictional, that is not the case with virtual office locations at all. They function very similarly to a typical office, except that they offer much more flexibility that a typical office. If all you need is a business address because you work from home and you don’t want to give away your home address or have a PO Box, then virtual office services are what you’re looking for. If you’re a startup of three or four people that needs somewhere to meet from time to time, then virtual office services can provide that, as well as a live-answering receptionist so you don’t have to give away your cell phone number all the time. If you need a fully-functional virtual office in Las Vegas because you have a lot of clients there, but you don’t live in Las Vegas, then virtual office services would work for you as well.

Just about the only thing you have to imagine with a virtual office is the location, as there are virtual office locations everywhere, and all you have to do is see yourself with virtual office services in any part of the country you want or need. If you think a virtual office can work for you, then stop thinking about it in the ‘virtual’ sense. Make it happen today!

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