June 16, 2014 | 4 minutes

Gone Virtual- Be Back in a Byte!


By: Nathan Strum

We have been helping businesses of all sizes transition to virtual office spaces and reduce their costs; and, while we have a healthy roster of happy clients, I still get asked about the rationale for using a virtual office space. After nearly a decade of helping clients to transition into a virtual office, I can tell you that there are many advantages to this arrangement, especially for the business professionals who act as new entrepreneurs and one-man operations.

Improve Your Company’s Image

In the business world, image is everything. If you work out of your home, then it is only a matter of time before you come across that one big customer that can push your business to the next level, and who wants to see your operation. Instead of panicking and wondering how you will impress a client by showing them your basement office, you can use a virtual office and project the image of a large and professional organization.

Your virtual office will have a receptionist, a lobby, a conference room, and everything else a big client expects to see. Investing in a virtual office means giving your company the ability to grab the customers that will make a big difference in your future.

You Can Focus On Projects

If you are a business professional that has an office with a couple of employees, then you are aware of how important the clock becomes throughout the day. When you have your own office and employees, you must be able to complete projects before quitting time or else you will lose productivity.

With a virtual office, you will have access to the resources you need to complete your projects and the clock is no longer a factor. Instead of trying to rush to get something done before your employees leave, you can utilize your virtual office resources to get projects done, no matter what time it may be.

You Can Focus On Productivity

As a small business owner, it can be easy to get distracted by the issues that come with running an office. Your receptionist may need to take a day off right before an important deadline, or you may need to use a color copier and you do not have one in your office.

With a virtual office, the personnel is provided for you and each office is fully-stocked with the equipment you will need to do the job. A virtual office removes all of the worries that come with the administrative side of running an office and allows you to focus on pleasing clients and making money.

You Can Get More Done

A virtual office allows you to hang up any kind of business licenses you need to display, it gives you access to professional meeting facilities, it offers your clients a professional meeting area, and it offers you the kind of office equipment you will need to be productive. When you use a virtual office space, you will not have to worry about handling personnel schedules or office maintenance. All you will have to worry about is getting work done and growing your business.

We have been transitioning small business professionals into our virtual offices for a long time now and we have seen the challenges that working from home, or trying to run an office, can bring. When you are trying to run a small business, you simply do not have the time to worry about personnel issues or problems with the office equipment. When you work from home, it is impossible to project the kind of stable and professional image that clients want to see.

We solve all of those problems by putting you into an office situation that costs less than running your own office, but provides you with everything you need to succeed. Your company’s image and success are our main concern, and we have the facilities you need to be productive and get the job done.

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