June 20, 2012 | 3 minutes

Getting the Virtual Office Ready for Vacation

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Your virtual office space may be empty, but it won't be to your customers!

June is halfway through, and what would count as the July 4 weekend (Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year) is just around the corner. Even small business owners and entrepreneurs need vacations too. How do you ready your virtual office for your vacation, so that you can enjoy the time off without being bothered with phone calls or losing business because you are closed for a week?

Hopefully, you have live receptionist services available at your virtual office space so that you can have someone take messages while you’re away. A live receptionist will make it seem like your business is open by handling customer calls, orders, questions etc. without bothering you while you are away. This person will also act as a professional voice for your business, so it won’t be obvious that this person isn’t your secretary or an official employee. The live receptionist is someone who can handle these tasks in a timely fashion so they aren’t forgotten about, and potential customers won’t feel like you don’t want their business. If you don’t have a live receptionist full time, most virtual offices will allow you to have one for the week or two weeks that you are away, so you don’t have to have the service when you are back.

Another virtual office service you can opt for is mail forwarding or mail management, so the envelopes don’t clog the mailbox or pile up somewhere while you’re gone. You might not want the mail forwarded to your home, but you could forward them to a coworker or you could have someone keep the mail in a safe place until you return. This way, it won’t look like your office is closed, or that you aren’t organized enough to check the mail every now and then. It’ll also prevent mail getting lost or sent back because it can’t fit in the mailbox.

If you really have to work while on vacation, then what you could do is see if your virtual office company has services in the city to which you are travelling. Many virtual office spaces offer offices by the hour, or you could rent a conference room or a spend time in a lounge area. This option will beat working in the hotel business center, or trying to find a spot at a coffee shop or local library. At least the virtual office will have room for you, be a productive place to work, and have everything you need to get things done.

Overall, it’s important to ready your virtual office for vacation just like you would a traditional office or a home office. Not everyone goes on vacation at the same time, so you need to make sure that everything functions as if you were there, even though you might not be there at all.

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