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First Time Entrepreneur? Make Professionalism and Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage.

As a first-time entrepreneur, you might lack a million-dollar marketing budget and limitless networking opportunities, but you can still grow your business through good old word-of-mouth. Nothing gets consumers excited about your company like professionalism and customer service, and there’s research to prove it. Ninety percent of Americans use customer service to decide whether to do business with a company, while 58 percent would switch companies because of poor service. That’s why it’s important to invest in technologies and services that make you appear more credible and improve your customer service outcomes.

Business Address

A physical business address makes your business looks more professional and provides customers with a way to contact you if they have a problem. It works like this: Choose a location and receive a physical address where someone can forward mail to you.

Using a physical business address brings multiple benefits:

  • Your business looks more credible.
  • You guarantee privacy. (Nobody has to send mail to your home address.) 
  • Google favors companies with physical addresses when compiling its search rankings. 

Business addresses are cheaper than you think, with prices starting from just $38 per month at Allied Offices.

Virtual Phone System

Despite newer technologies like email and social media, most customers will prefer to contact you by phone. Research shows that 60 percent of consumers want to phone small businesses rather than communicate via email or live chat. 

With a virtual phone system, you can make your business look more professional and improve customer service by:

  • Having a business phone number.
  • Using a business caller ID.
  • Hiding your personal number.
  • Providing crystal-clear audio quality.
  • Routing calls to a virtual receptionist. (More on that in the next section.)

You can still use your current cell phone, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on new hardware. Plus, you can communicate with customers via text message and fax and receive business-related notifications on your cell phone screen. Allied Offices offers an incredible range of business phone management services for first-time entrepreneurs, including the ability to set up local or toll-free numbers for customers, multi-level voicemails, record and set up greetings, and professional call routing. Discover more.

Live Receptionist

Customers hate waiting on the phone. Imagine you had a dedicated receptionist who could handle all your calls and provide professional and helpful responses to all customer inquiries. This is where a virtual or ‘live’ receptionist comes in. It’s someone who manages your calls from a remote location 24 hours a day. The receptionist will adhere to your internal customer service policies and can even upsell or cross-sell products and services to customers. 

One of the biggest problems for new entrepreneurs is the costs associated with hiring new staff, such as a receptionist to handle calls. A virtual receptionist eliminates this problem. You can keep costs down and still provide the same high levels of professionalism and customer service:

“The average receptionist makes over $28,000 per year. Plus, you’ll also have to pay for benefits and paid time off,” says Business Blogs. “Hiring a virtual receptionist is much more cost-effective. Since many works for a phone answering service, you won’t have to worry about providing benefits, and you’ll pay less by the hour.”

Allied Offices provides various virtual receptionist services tailored to your business budget and requirements. These services include:

  • Customized intake forms and FAQs.
  • Customized announcements and call transfers.
  • High-quality audio.
  • Speedy response times that improve customer service.
  • A friendly voice that makes your business appear more professional.
  • U.S.-based bilingual receptionists.

Final Word

Investing in technologies and services that make you appear more professional and improve customer service workflows could lead to better word of mouth, which exposes your products and services to a wider audience. Virtual office solutions like a business address, virtual phone system, and a live receptionist could revolutionize your small business. 

Allied Offices specializes in virtual office and receptionist services for first-time entrepreneurs like you. Choose from virtual office locations across the U.S. and improve your professionalism and customer service. Learn more here.

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