May 21, 2015 | 3 minutes

Finding the Perfect Balance between Work and Life

By Nathan Strum

In today’s world, work is transitioning from being a conventional 9-5 to now what is considered an “always on” job. Regardless of the time, day or circumstance, when something arises or when someone needs you, you are there to save the day. This is even more so the everyday life of an entrepreneur. So, how do others do it? How is it possible to find a balance between work and home? Yes, it’s a challenge to say the least, and the answer is different for all which makes it tricky, but here are general tips that you can apply to segregate the two a bit more.

Set downtime

This is probably the most obvious bullet point ever, right? It seems like an easy concept, but it is quite difficult to grasp. Entrepreneur.com weighs in, “Whether you’re able to take as much as three hours or as little as 15 minutes of non-work time each day, be sure to set aside the time and message that plan to your family or significant other. Having a set time each day for downtime will give you, your partner, and anyone else in your household — even pets — something to look forward to. But be realistic! There’s nothing worse than making a promise you can’t keep. Even if you can only sit down for a quick meal or a late drink, it’s better than nothing.”

Keep home life and work like separate

It is really important to separate both, so when you finally have time without any work responsibilities work towards keeping it that way. Don’t check emails, your phone, or get distracted. Try to dedicate your time and energy to whatever you had planned for that moment, even if it is resting, going out or spending time with loved ones, etc. Craig Cincotta states, “You cannot achieve your balance if you don’t respect the boundaries you have put in place. It will be hard in the beginning but you need to stick with it so you develop a routine and drive a culture and lifestyle of predictability.”

Make your boundaries known

It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to tell others what it is that you need, but it is important. This is the number one factor into helping you find balance. Actionforhappiness.org weighs in, “For some people it may be having clear times when you are available to deal with work issues and times when you are solely focused on things at home and so have your email switched off and work calls diverted. In some jobs, having times at work where you close your door and get on with the tasks you have to do and other times when you are available to others can help.

Or having a time each week set aside for you and your family to do something together such as sitting down for a meal without distraction of the tv, phones or computers, going for a walk or playing a game together.”

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