August 27, 2014 | 3 minutes

Feng Shui Tips For Your Office Space


Photo by Travis Isaacs (Flickr)

By Nathan Strum

While I do not usually subscribe to superstition, I’ll admit that I believe in feng shui. As a virtual office professional, I understand how the transition from an office cubicle to working from home through a virtual office can be a bit difficult. One of the best ways to offset any negative energy is to use a little feng shui. Since it is your own home office, you can decorate any way you want. The more positive energy you can get from your office design, the easier your work day will become.

Get Organized

One of the biggest obstacles to good feng shui is clutter. When your office and your desk are cluttered with papers and all manner of things, then positive energy is not able to flow freely throughout the room. Develop a good system for organizing your office and make sure that everything has its place. You can take this concept to the next level and develop good habits for organizing your work day as well.

Use Positive Office Accessories

Feng shui is all about generating positive energy and allowing that energy to flow. That is why you need to accessorize your office with elements that radiate positive energy. You could put a relaxing fountain on your desk and allow the soothing sound to make your day less stressful. A large plant in the corner of your room can help to naturally clean and energize the air. Fun family vacation pictures, images of the places you love to visit, and any other positive images help to generate their own strong energy.

Always Look Behind You

One of the long-held beliefs of feng shui is that you need to be able to see behind you as well as ahead of you. The premise is that being able to see what has happened in the past can help to shape the future. You could be direct about this and put mirrors in strategic areas of your office that allow you to see what is going on behind you. But a different way to do this is to put objects that are not mirrors but do have reflective properties in various spots where you can see the reflections.

Never Overdo It

A big mistake that many people make when trying to use a little feng shui in their office is overdoing it. When you plaster Oriental rugs all over your walls because you feel that the images somehow illicit feng shui, you are overdoing it. True feng shui is about using subtle features to generate and perpetuate positive energy. It is about bringing elements into your world that have a purpose but are not so obvious that they lose their ability to generate positive energy.

I admit it takes some time to really understand feng shui, but I can also attest to the positive energy that it creates. When you work in the stressful corporate world, you can use all of the positive energy you can get. The best place to generate that positive energy is in the office you spend hours a day working in. Try some feng shui and I guarantee it will help.

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