October 30, 2014 | 3 minutes

Entrepreneurs and Virtual Offices: A match made in the cloud


Photo by Edwin van Buuringen (Flickr)

By Nathan Strum

One of the misconceptions about virtual offices that I run into all of the time is the notion that a virtual office is a cloud storage account and an Internet connection. While cloud computing is definitely a part of a virtual office solution, it is not the only part of it. When you expand your view of things and consider everything that a virtual office has to offer, then you can start to see why the concept is becoming so popular.

The Concept of a Virtual Office

In my experience, I have come to understand that the idea of a virtual office means different things to different people. But no matter how different your perception is of a virtual office, that perception is correct. In our world, a virtual office is a professional facility offering premium services to business professionals who understand the importance of an office but do not want to take on the high overhead costs. But our virtual office solutions also function very well with a cloud storage solution. Actually, a portable storage system like the cloud would be ideal for any of our virtual office solutions.

A Professional Presence

A full virtual office solution offers business professionals a real business presence. Instead of having to sink a lot of money into an office in an impressive-looking location, you can just take on a virtual office plan and get the same impressive location for a fraction of the price. You will have office space you can use, a fully-equipped conference room, and a secretary to take messages or forward your calls to your smartphone. A virtual office is the affordable way to get that business edge you need without paying the high costs of actually running an office.

Only Pay for What You Need

When you utilize a virtual office service, you only pay for the services you actually need. If you will need to scale things down a bit for a few months, then go right ahead. That is the kind of flexibility that you will not find when you try to maintain your own office space.

Your Virtual Office is Portable

Your cloud computing service means that you can access your full business information and programs no matter where you are. A real virtual office service adds to that portability by allowing you to have a professional appearance in cities all over the country. When it is time to visit clients on the road, you can purchase time in a virtual office in every city and give your clients the impression that you have a nationwide operation. You can also use virtual office services as your company’s physical address in any city that you need. With cloud computing and virtual office services, your small company can look huge, and it can also be as portable as you need it to be.

When you talk about virtual offices, do not get caught up in just cloud computing. A real virtual office arrangement gives your company a physical presence that can impress potential clients, give a sense of confidence to current clients, and make your business life a whole lot easier.

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