March 4, 2021 | 2 minutes

Business Cards- 3 Reasons Why You Still Need Them

By Nathan Strum


In a world taken over by social media and everything digital, there are certain things that are going obsolete. Forget about CD’s and cassettes. What happened to good ol’ business cards? Regardless of your killer websites, cool ads, and things of this sort, there’s just something about doing things the old fashion way that still prevails in modern day society.  Regardless of your occupation, if you have been in business for a while or if you’re a startup, business cards can benefit your company on multiple fronts.


Having a well put together business card can do a lot for your business, and it also serves as an instant trust builder.  It helps people remember you. In a stranger’s mind it builds credibility that if you took the time to tie your name, company name and logo onto hard copy, you are legitimate. No matter how advanced our digital world is, companies and representatives are still expected to have business cards. Not only does it build trust, but business cards show professionalism.


Asking someone what they do is probably one of the most common asked questions. If you are like me, you chat with everyone. Engaging with people on the elevator, at dinners, parties, or even in line at a restaurant is a norm for me, so conversations usually result in people asking me what I do. This is where a business card comes handy. After a nice conversation I am able to bridge that conversation and establish credibility through handing them my card. I like being prepared, so I always have a couple on me.

First Impressions

Having a business card sets you apart from the crowd. It says that you’re serious and professional. It gives your prospects something they can physically take out and look at later, and it shows them that you walk your walk and talk your talk. It leaves the prospect feeling confident in you and ultimately doing business with you.

Business cards are an inexpensive and a nice touch to always have. They can really come in handy to backup the work you put into your business.

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