March 13, 2013 | 4 minutes

Why Would I Need a Birmingham Virtual Office?

birmingham virtual officeThe great thing about virtual offices is that you can get one just about anywhere, not just in large urban areas. Even smaller cities and towns, such as Birmingham, Alabama, offer virtual office options that are just as robust as what you can get in any large city or famous downtown area. All Birmingham virtual offices include mail services, use of the address on your business cards and stationary, a listing in the lobby directory, and a bright friendly receptionist to answer your business telephone line. Not enough for you? Here’s why you need a Birmingham virtual office:

Give Your Business a Physical Location… Somewhere Different

Everyone wants their business to have locations in big cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Atlanta etc. That’s great, and there are benefits to that. But, why not do something different to stand out a little bit, or to add to the economy somewhere that needs it much more than these big places? A Birmingham virtual office can do just that, and there’s nothing wrong with the city. Instead of following what others have done, leave a trail by building something someplace where others might choose to pass.

There’s Great Talent in the Heart of Dixie

Let’s say that you’re hiring, and a very qualified candidate currently lives in Birmingham. However, can’t pay for relocation costs and you really need to hire someone good as soon as possible. Instead passing on the candidate and wasting more time and money finding someone, allow the person to telecommute and set them up with a Birmingham virtual office. You retain this very qualified candidate without having to worry about setting up a desk at the office or waiting three weeks as the person moves across the country. Also, you now have an excuse to go to Alabama and perhaps accrue new business in the Southeast.

Birmingham is a Great City for Expansion

If you are currently a business in Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, or Florida, then expanding your business to California or setting up your next location in New York or the Midwest may be too much. That’s too far for some businesses and target markets, while others may not want to expand so far away when managing remotely or expanding the company for the first time. If this sounds like your company, then considering taking a small step forward with a Birmingham virtual office. It’s the largest city in Alabama and even this small step can do a lot to help more clients and customers, or perhaps be a little more convenient for them. Also, a Birmingham virtual office is much cheaper than setting up farther away or in a larger city.

It’s Not as Small as You Think

Birmingham isn’t the biggest city in the United States, but that doesn’t mean nothings happening and that it’s not a worthwhile place for business. Dubbed the “Pittsburgh of the South”, Birmingham has a strong steel industry and is the home to two major banks and several large insurance companies. The city is also considered one of the best places to work and to earn a living, and the second best place in the nation for building your personal net worth. It sounds like a city that’s meant to build businesses and to have virtual offices.

If you’re not convinced to have a Birmingham virtual office, then we’re not sure if there’s more we can say or do. Perhaps you are set in having your virtual office in another city, or perhaps Alabama is too far away for your company that based in California or Massachusetts. However, if the time comes, don’t forget about Birmingham and the possibility of setting up a virtual office here!

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