May 9, 2012 | 3 minutes

6 Great Benefits to Hiring a Virtual Assistant

live receptionistWhen people hear the words “virtual assistant,” an image of a polite receptionist comes to mind, one who handles phone calls, takes messages, and may even work with customers about orders and service problems. But, did you know that a virtual assistant can do much more than reception? Did you know that a virtual assistant can provide much more benefit than just a face and a voice to answer phones and to talk to customers? Here are six great benefits to hiring a virtual assistant outside of the normal phone calls, messages, and customer service:

  1. Work on the Blog – Just because this person is virtual, doesn’t mean the person is without skills and can only contribute in a few select ways. If your virtual receptionist also has an interest in blogging or online marketing, then have that person take up some of those tasks too. Have them write one or two posts per week with keyword optimization, or contribute to an already existing company blog by finding keywords to optimize or blog posts by competitors to respond to.
  2. Perform Research – Gotta do a big presentation for some investors or a possible client? Or do you need help considering a new provider for cloud services or commercial cleaning? A virtual assistant can help with that as well, determining which provider has the best prices or finding the background information you need to do your presentation well.
  3. Create Marketing Materials – Sure, the blog is a form of marketing. But, if you need help with your company newsletter, proofreading your website (or any other documents), or putting together/managing an email list, then a virtual assistant can help with all those things as well. Just make sure that he/she also has some writing and editing abilities.
  4. Set Up Travel Plans – If you have a virtual office, then it’s likely that you may do a lot of traveling. After all, if you travel a lot, it would be expensive to rent office space all over the country, and kind of a waste to rent office space in one location where you hardly spend any time. With both a virtual office and a virtual assistant, this person can set up your travel plans and even find you some great places to be productive when you’re on the road.
  5. Keep Your Finances in Line – Budgeting can be tough, and let’s face it, some virtual receptionistpeople aren’t the best with numbers. But, your virtual receptionist might not be all that bad. Have him/her look over your spreadsheets to make sure everything is accurate, or put together charts and graphs to represent this information. If your virtual assistant is extra talent, perhaps he/she could even make financial projections for your business.
  6. Organize Meetings and Events – While numbers are a tough spot for some, organizing and keeping track of dates may be the weak spot for others. Have your virtual receptionist send you reminders about meetings, book you event spaces, and schedule your meetings around what you already have going on.

With all that in mind, doesn’t it seem like a virtual assistant is an asset instead of a burden? Who knew there were so many benefits to hiring a virtual assistant?

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