January 23, 2013 | 4 minutes

5 Virtual Office Myths We are Busting Right Now

busting virtual office mythsVirtual offices have exploded in popularity over the past few years, with more and more buildings and companies offering executive suites, virtual assistants, and other amenities that compliment virtual offices. This means companies are offering different things, or are trying to label their services as virtual offices or virtual office services to jump on the bandwagon.  Here are five virtual office myths that we are busting right now:

Virtual Offices aren’t Professional

Virtual offices are much more professional than coffee shops and home offices, and can be used in conjunction with either of those options (if you wish). They are perfect for client meetings and can serve as a business address. There may be virtual offices in locations that are less than ideal, or will have decor and furniture that could use updating, but that’s simply not the case for all virtual offices.

Virtual Offices aren’t Reliable

Virtual offices are only going to be as reliable and you make them out to be. Some may think they aren’t reliable because they won’t have everything you need to do your work, or might not have the hours that you want. This is simply not the case as virtual office companies are expanding their services and are working to customize their offerings to their customers. It’s just a matter of asking for what you want/need, or finding a provider who has it. With the improvements in technology over the past several years, virtual offices are more reliable than ever simply because their services and their offerings have gotten better with time.

Virtual Offices are Too Expensive

A virtual office could be too expensive for a solopreneur who’s just getting started, or for a company who didn’t take the time to do the research and to find the right vendor. However, virtual offices are affordable in comparison with a traditional office option. Also, you probably already have the necessary tools to do your work, such as a computer and a phone, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra to have these tools set up in your office. Not to mention, you could save money in other ways, such as transportation and food costs.

I Can’t be Productive in a Virtual Office

If you need someone to help you stay focused on your work or to provide you structure during the day, then a virtual office may not be a good fit for you. Having a virtual office work relies on self-discipline and the ability to get things done without someone watching. If you think, or you know, you can do that then you shouldn’t have any problems working in a virtual office.

A Virtual Office will Hurt My Career

Those working with a company who want a virtual office may worry that it would hurt them in the eyes of the boss i.e. getting passed up for raises/promotions, creating more work for the boss, making coworkers jealous. However, since virtual offices are affordable, it could be something that your company is open to, especially if you aren’t the only one that wants this option. Additional planning may have to take place, such as handling confidential information and figuring out how you position would work virtually. However, if a virtual office will make you better at your current job, it shouldn’t affect your long-term career.

Overall, if you take the time in making your decision on your virtual office and your virtual office provider, then it won’t be a decision that you regret. There are a million reasons not to do something, but if you can find several good reasons to have a virtual office, then you should make the switch.

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