March 19, 2015 | 4 minutes

5 Common Habits of Every Entrepreneur

By Nathan Strum

If being an entrepreneur was easy, anyone would join our journey. Recently, I have been thinking about what common characteristics successful entrepreneurs have. There is a shutterstock_93304129-830x1024substantial difference between reading about habits and then actually making changes to our lifestyle for a positive result. What is it really that we do on a daily basis that makes us successful? What are the set of habits that myself, like many of you have adopted?

The early bird gets the worm

Who doesn’t like sleeping in, right? Ever feel guilty after you slept in knowing that you were, in a way, behind everyone else? Yes, habits can be difficult, but there are definitely true benefits to waking up early during the work week. Forbes contributor, Sujan Patel weighs in, “I hated feeling like there were other people who were getting a head start on the day while I slept comfortably in my bed, clutching onto the few extra hours of shut-eye that I had convinced myself I needed. So one day I made the change and committed to getting up earlier. I haven’t looked back. I wake up between 5:30 am and 6 am every day and now have time to spend time with my family, exercise, and work distraction free. Most days I’ve got the majority of work completed before I even head into the office.”

Prepare for what is ahead

Successful entrepreneurs do not wake up each morning wondering what the to-do list is for the day. Save yourself the time of prioritizing tasks and wondering what has to be done by putting in the effort in advance. Kate Erickson with states, “Imagine if at the beginning of the week (or even each night before you “shut down”) you plotted out the things you wanted to accomplish. Not just a list, but priorities and timelines included. I can guarantee that if you plan out your schedule you will get a lot more done in a lot less time.” Successful entrepreneurs wake up early knowing exactly what needs to be done and by what time. Personally, I find it most productive to tackle the hardest tasks first. Starting your day by trying to get through all of your emails makes for a far less productive day.

Dismiss the negative committee in your head

Fear, impatience and frustration are three of the most dominating impediments for an entrepreneur. Let them go! Yes, there are countless risks that we endure, but think of the long run. Brian Mininger from Fueling Revival suggests, “Practice telling yourself that it’s not that scary when fear comes knocking. Practice reminding yourself that frustration is only playing a game with you, and it wants to win real badly.” Know that things take time to settle into place and good things are ahead. Make it a habit to stay calm and fearless.

Listen to your customers

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Happy clients = Happy cash flow. It is them that determine whether your business will disappear off the map or thrive. It is absurd to not know who your clients are, how they feel and speak about your business. Siddharth Batra warns, “Constantly listen to your customers: explicitly through feedback and implicitly through their actions. Always listen qualitatively and beware of listening quantitatively too soon,”

Do what you take pleasure in

Lastly, it comes down to really enjoying what you do and having a passion for your business. Without passion there is no personal satisfaction or desire to be better. Studies after studies have proved that if you do not like what you are doing then most likely you will not success because you are missing that invaluable driving force. A successful business owner knows the ins and outs of their business. We live and breathe our business because it is what we enjoy,

Ultimately, you get what you put in. Habits take dedication, but they will without a doubt change and improve your success.

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