June 18, 2021 | 4 minutes

4 Things Every Solo Entrepreneur Should Do To Elevate Their Business

Flying solo is never easy, especially for entrepreneurs like you. Going it alone brings all kinds of challenges, and, at times, it might seem like you have little support. The truth is, there are plenty of growth opportunities for solo entrepreneurs. Virtual office solutions and co-working spaces, for example, take your business to the next level.

1. Get a Physical Business Address

Even if your company only exists online, a physical address makes your business more credible. It also improves search engine traffic and attracts more people to your website. That’s because Google Places — Google’s listings for local business search results — only lists companies with physical addresses

Business address solutions provide you with a physical address at the location of your choice. Think of it as your own virtual office, where someone forwards mail from a remote location to your home. It’s fast, flexible, and affordable. Choose from mail, package, and front desk services, or invest in all three. 

Pro-tip: Use your new address on your website, social pages, and marketing material.

2. Hire a Virtual Receptionist to Handle Calls

Don’t leave your clients waiting on the telephone. Slow response times could jeopardize your business and leave you with a poor reputation. Research shows 66 percent of people won’t accept hold times longer than two minutes, while 13 percent think it’s unacceptable to wait on the phone at all. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire a virtual receptionist who answers calls for you. Clients will hear a friendly voice when they contact your business, and you’ll never miss a call again. To make your business appear even more professional, choose a live receptionist service that can handle your phone calls 24 hours a day. Or invest in a phone management system that provides your receptionist with valuable information about clients, such as call histories and potential sales opportunities. These management systems can also serve as marketing tools, allowing receptionists to upsell and cross-sell products and services to clients.

3. Find a Meeting Space

First impressions count. You need a meeting space that serves your business needs and provides clients with the amenities they need. These amenities include:

  • Parking
  • Good transportation links
  • High-speed internet
  • Refreshments and catering
  • Teleconferencing tools

Finding a meeting space is often a challenge. If you plan to meet clients from across the country, you might need access to meeting spaces in multiple cities. Consider a service that lets you book meeting spaces and conference rooms locally and nationwide whenever you need to meet clients.

4. Network in a Co-Working Space

There were nearly 550,000 people using co-working spaces in 2017, and experts predict this number will increase to around 1.08 million in 2022. These flexible office spaces provide multiple networking opportunities for solo entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. 

At a co-working space, you get to meet like-minded people in various sectors, and these sectors are far-reaching. You might strike up a conversation with an attorney who can provide you with legal services. Or you could meet an investor who loves your service and wants to grow your company. “In any work environment, people build camaraderie with coworkers as their work relationships grow. A co-working environment is no different — bonds can form between professionals working in different industries,” says Forbes magazine. “Co-location of individuals with different areas of professional expertise creates an environment where the flow of best practices and information can seamlessly transfer across industry lines.”

Final Word

These virtual office and co-working solutions provide solo entrepreneurs like you with freedom and flexibility. Getting a physical business address, hiring a live receptionist, finding a meeting room, and networking in a co-working space helps you grow your business.

Allied Offices specializes in virtual offices, virtual phone systems, and live receptionists for solo entrepreneurs in all industries. Learn more here.

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