May 23, 2012 | 3 minutes

4 Great Reasons to Rent Conference Rooms

Rent conference rooms like this one for your next client meeting or private work session.Conference rooms seem like such a “big business” amenity, something meant for stuffy board meetings and boring sales presentations. However, a conference room is what you make of it, and if you only perceive it as a room of rigidity and seriousness, you’ll fail to realize how renting a conference room from time to time could be a great business asset.

Renting conference rooms can be an excellent way for smaller businesses, and even startups and solopreneurs, to take care of business in a way that’s much better than doing so in a coffee shop, or at home, or at a library conference room. Here are four great reasons why you should rent conference rooms from a coworking space or a virtual office solution firm:

1. They’re Superb for Client Meetings – Sure, you can get client meetings done in a coffee shop or maybe a smaller office space, but what makes a conference room better is that there is more room and more amenities just in case they are need. If it turns out a whiteboard would be helpful, it’s available. If it happens to be the case that projecting a website or presentation on a screen would make things easier, then that choice is there. If more people come than you expected, there’s room for them. Conference rooms are as flexible as they are perceived to be inflexible.

2. It’s a Nice Place to Work on Short Notice – Drat! The coffee shop doesn’t have empty tables, or all the outlets are taken! So you don’t waste more time finding a place to work, rent a conference room and settle in. No worries about outlets, empty tales, or distractions. Rent the room for the whole day if you want.

3. They’re Perfect for Those Important Meetings – Interviewing someone for your firm? Perhaps meeting with a potentially big client, or a venture capitalist? Then rent the conference room. It’ll make a good impression and provide the formality necessary for these types of meetings. Sometimes, seriousness is a must-have.

4. Great Alternative to a Virtual Office – Perhaps you want to keep up a company policy of everyone working at home, but you still need a place for the entire group to meet face-to-face every week or month. Perhaps you already have a virtual office, but they don’t have a good conference room or meeting area. This is where renting a conference room comes in. Many places rent conference rooms for a small fee, which can be paid for on an hourly or a monthly basis. If all you need is the conference room, then by all means, get the conference room.

Conference rooms may seem stuffy or very “executive-level” that’s just too much for some businesses. However, if you need a conference room, it can be what you make of it. If you need a conference room, rent it and see how it can benefit you and your business.

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